Reviews left by plurgid

Tue, Oct 23 5:08 PM plurgid review of Hollywood with Brand New Jeans by Loveshadow
fantastic! yes ... I can see this in a commercial or movie quite easily. hig...
Mon, Oct 15 10:54 AM plurgid review of how are you? by minimal_art
the marimbas, my god ... the marimbas man! AWESOME!
Mon, Oct 15 10:36 AM plurgid review of Octopus Trees (bill berry mix) by William Berry
nice dark electronica groove.
Mon, Oct 15 10:26 AM plurgid review of August (Passing clouds) by ditto ditto
your stuff is always so inventive. when I'm out of ideas, I can always hit th...
Mon, Oct 15 10:16 AM plurgid review of Always by Loveshadow
…and that’s part of the revelation, pleasure and addiction. Never heard i...
Mon, Oct 15 10:10 AM plurgid review of Good Bye Mr. Rogers by Analog By Nature
chilly chill, with the rhodes vibe, and the vox. cool.
Fri, Oct 12 8:53 AM plurgid review of Tonight (Lost For Words Mix) by DJ Rkod
Holy crap! Dance Fever! Dude, this is sweet. Eeeeeexcelent glitchin' ... this ...
Fri, Oct 12 8:46 AM plurgid review of Love Of My Life (mellow house mix) by plugandplay
Oh yeah ... I'm a sucker for a nice dance mix, and this one is right on, dude. S...
Fri, Oct 12 8:40 AM plurgid review of Magic In Your Eyes (Need Ya Baby ReMix) by yellowjacket_osx
Yeah, this is a sweet groove, man. Well done. Yeah, the string stuff distorted ...
Fri, Oct 12 8:35 AM plurgid review of Countdown by DJ.E-State
Oh yeah ... Damn ... that's some nice beats, dude
Fri, Oct 12 8:28 AM plurgid review of Don Quixote - Lounge Mix by teru
The production really reminds me of some of the interlude tracks on the new comm...
Fri, Oct 12 7:58 AM plurgid review of LemmeBme (West Coast Kitty Mix) by yellowjacket_osx
Your beat is pure genius. Hip hop needs more hip cats (no I mean *actual* cats) ...
Fri, Oct 12 7:48 AM plurgid review of Introvert by jaspertine
Yeah man, I'm diggin the spacey vibe here. Stargazing music for sure.
Fri, Oct 12 7:39 AM plurgid review of Heroes [Omni Vist ft Suzi Q] by Omni Vista
nice mood. Cool choping on the vox. very well put together.
Fri, Sep 28 12:35 PM plurgid review of Water is Bad (bill berry mix) by William Berry
Nice Dark Vibe ... as if vampires would dance-fight to it ... I can dig that.