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Reviews left by narva9

Sat, Jun 14 11:48 AM narva9 review of So Heavy (Caboosing Teru's Caravan Mix) by Kaer Trouz
I love your song especially the lyrics....the dogwoods are raining their babies ...
Thu, Jun 12 11:53 AM narva9 review of Nightflight by shakil
It's insane that you can create something so lovely (seriously beautiful) while ...
Thu, Jun 12 11:26 AM narva9 review of Forgiveness (Deep Wound) by gurdonark
Maybe it's my mood this morning...but I've listened to this about four times. T...
Thu, Jun 12 10:00 AM narva9 review of Missing You Tonight by rifft
Thanks for the wonderful remix. You've given it a great smooth but edgy feel. V...
Thu, Jun 12 9:52 AM narva9 review of Nice cup of tea with a very nice lap dancer by radiotimes
this is awesome. heavy, light, angst ridden, and happy all at once. a trippy he...
Wed, Jun 4 8:39 PM narva9 review of Albariza (Temporary Assigment Mix) by Kaer Trouz
Whoo hoo...seriously sexy. ouououou. :-) n9
Wed, Jun 4 8:31 PM narva9 review of Girl and Supergirl (We Are In Love mash) by teru
Okay seriously cool. It's very bacharach (I think that's spelt wrong). Which c...
Wed, Jun 4 8:29 PM narva9 review of missing you tonight by Vidian
Really wonderful. I have to agree with LS, not what I expected but great all th...
Fri, May 30 10:38 PM narva9 review of Drifting In And Out (tension-free mix) by duckett
I love this. :-) n9
Fri, May 30 10:23 PM narva9 review of Motherless Child by The.Spirit.Of.Light
I love the heartfelt simplicity. It is heavenly. n9
Fri, May 30 10:20 PM narva9 review of leaves of autumn by sleeperspaceborn
Rockin and awesome. n9
Fri, May 30 10:16 PM narva9 review of Creative Commons to the Rescue by gurdonark
I reminds me of a hurly burly time at a country fair midway. A summer night, lo...
Fri, May 30 10:04 PM narva9 review of The Last Man On Earth by Quantum Theor(y)
Kaer Trouz led me to your little gem. It is seriously beautiful. Thank you. ...
Fri, May 30 10:02 PM narva9 review of Lignified (Last Man on Earth Mix) by Kaer Trouz
Holy crap this is gorgeous. I absolutely love the harmonies. n9
Wed, May 28 10:28 PM narva9 review of Passions by nhomas
Very nice. Great work. n9