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Reviews left by narva9

Sun, Jan 4 12:43 PM narva9 review of Side A by radiotimes
Thank you so much for this unexpected mix. Very sparse and zen. n9
Tue, Dec 23 3:10 PM narva9 review of Tell Us (feat. Narva9) by Mana Junkie
Thank you MJ for this lovely mix. I had not thought that techno would suit but y...
Tue, Dec 23 3:07 PM narva9 review of The Theologian Dreams of Stars by gurdonark
Thank you G for including me in your composition. This is absolutely beautiful. ...
Tue, Dec 23 2:57 PM narva9 review of Twilight Myxtery by teru
OmG!! I sound 30 years younger:-) How sweet is that for a Christmas present....n...
Sun, Dec 14 7:48 PM narva9 review of Fall to Pieces by MC Jack in the Box
I love the break in the middle. Love the mix. What a great song. n9
Sun, Dec 14 7:46 PM narva9 review of Falling to Pieces-The J. Lang Treatment by J.Lang
I agree with Subliminal...you're being way to modest. Great addition, great mix...
Sun, Dec 14 7:41 PM narva9 review of Gift by oldDog
If I close my eyes I can see a solitary long haired girl twirling in front of th...
Sun, Dec 14 7:36 PM narva9 review of Le Groove Turc by murat ses
Wicked. n9
Sun, Dec 14 7:31 PM narva9 review of Pieces of Manderley by Loveshadow
Ooohh sooo Smooooooth! :-) Just awesome. n9
Sun, Dec 14 4:34 PM narva9 review of Myxtery by Pitx
beautiful....and inspriring n9
Wed, Dec 10 10:57 PM narva9 review of a dark hope by oldDog
It's so delicate and beautiful. Even the birds are perfect. n9
Wed, Dec 10 10:51 PM narva9 review of Fonik Verse by Scott Altham
I love the contrast. Edgy vs soft/sweet. Wonderful. n9
Wed, Dec 10 10:48 PM narva9 review of Goodbye December (Hester Prynne Mix) by Kaer Trouz
Wow sometimes you scare me. There's so much dark emotion in this piece. Beautif...
Wed, Dec 10 10:36 PM narva9 review of When Will It End by Pitx
It's so beautiful. Slow, sexy, intelligent. Oh so right for PM's amazing lyrics....
Wed, Dec 10 10:34 PM narva9 review of When Will It End Pella. . . . by panu
Awesome. Just awesome. Phenomenal lyrics great delivery. Ever so poignant! BT...