Reviews left by mwic

Tue, Oct 8 7:00 AM mwic review of Bailemos Together by hidalgoantonio
Welcome! This is fantastic, and thanks for the dry version
Tue, Oct 8 5:57 AM mwic review of como camina jefferson by latopa
Just as good as your previous, maybe better. I love that the drums evolve and ch...
Mon, Oct 7 6:59 PM mwic review of 3 views of the bata feat. donnie ozone by latopa
Pretty dang cool. Where've you been, man?
Mon, Oct 7 5:30 PM mwic review of Finally Found (Dense Robin Mix) + stems by stellarartwars
Hey, you used the "linux" tag.. any chance you could help me and/or gurdonark ge...
Mon, Oct 7 5:25 PM mwic review of goodbye butterfly by Jeris
you didn't happen to get the idea of a Contemplations mix from li'l ol' *me* did...
Sat, Oct 5 7:10 AM mwic review of Lies (surf & turf) by keytronic
Boy does that pell have legs.. after all these years I bet *still* no one saw th...
Sat, Oct 5 6:18 AM mwic review of Love Liberation (inc stems) by stellarartwars
I love, *Love* this .. even though my remix took all the Carter out of it ..
Sat, Sep 7 6:18 AM mwic review of Alice In the City by Orrisroot
Wow, you are on a roll. You're going to be very popular 'round here.
Fri, Sep 6 9:08 PM mwic review of This Is The Age Of Cocaine by stellarartwars
I'm grinning from ear to ear. Plus: stems!!!!
Sat, Aug 31 7:33 AM mwic review of Let Go by Speck
Man, I'm so in the mood for stuff like this nowadays. Polyrhythm makes the world...
Sat, Aug 31 6:21 AM mwic review of The Sound of Science 2 by Asmus Koefoed
I love the sample. Regarding .oggs, I vote for having an html5 player for peop...
Sat, Aug 31 5:42 AM mwic review of Get Happy! by Scomber
Yeah, that's an infectious guitar. I might try to do something with that, as soo...
Sat, Aug 31 5:37 AM mwic review of No Se Si Tu by texasradiofish
Nice, very peppy. Speaking of peppy, I think it's 110 bpm, not 55?
Wed, Jul 3 4:47 PM mwic review of Well by Orrisroot
Welcome to CCM. I like it! Others will have to speak about how useful it is from...
Wed, Jul 3 4:44 PM mwic review of Clean by Donnie Ozone
Very cool tune. And the first upload in over a year that has the "philosophy" ta...