Reviews left by mwic

Fri, Oct 28 9:55 AM mwic review of Whistle On The Roof by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Oh, yeah those horns come in and remind me of one of my favorite Medeski tunes (...
Sat, Oct 15 9:48 AM mwic review of Blasphemy (SAW mix) by stellarartwars
Melanie Martinez is rolling in her grave. (That's a compliment; I hear that Mart...
Thu, Dec 4 10:50 AM mwic review of Maisie's Dream by gurdonark
Welcome Back, friend! I am also back; we should get together again. Come over. ...
Sun, Jan 19 9:30 AM mwic review of Hold (Eloquent Emo 12" Mix) w/stems by stellarartwars
You forgot the *flute* tag! Such an underused rave instrument. In all seriousnes...
Sat, Jan 18 6:20 PM mwic review of Javelin by Skill_Borrower
So just right. I'd love to see someone do for acoustic gtr what medeski did for ...
Sun, Oct 27 1:00 PM mwic review of nervous tic by DoKashiteru
I think this is technically a remix of _ghost, but I like it anyway.
Tue, Oct 8 7:00 AM mwic review of Bailemos Together by hidalgoantonio
Welcome! This is fantastic, and thanks for the dry version
Tue, Oct 8 5:57 AM mwic review of como camina jefferson by latopa
Just as good as your previous, maybe better. I love that the drums evolve and ch...
Mon, Oct 7 6:59 PM mwic review of 3 views of the bata feat. donnie ozone by latopa
Pretty dang cool. Where've you been, man?
Mon, Oct 7 5:30 PM mwic review of Finally Found (Dense Robin Mix) + stems by stellarartwars
Hey, you used the "linux" tag.. any chance you could help me and/or gurdonark ge...
Mon, Oct 7 5:25 PM mwic review of goodbye butterfly by Jeris
you didn't happen to get the idea of a Contemplations mix from li'l ol' *me* did...
Sat, Oct 5 7:10 AM mwic review of Lies (surf & turf) by keytronic
Boy does that pell have legs.. after all these years I bet *still* no one saw th...
Sat, Oct 5 6:18 AM mwic review of Love Liberation (inc stems) by stellarartwars
I love, *Love* this .. even though my remix took all the Carter out of it ..
Sat, Sep 7 6:18 AM mwic review of Alice In the City by Orrisroot
Wow, you are on a roll. You're going to be very popular 'round here.
Fri, Sep 6 9:08 PM mwic review of This Is The Age Of Cocaine by stellarartwars
I'm grinning from ear to ear. Plus: stems!!!!