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Fri, Apr 4 6:41 AM Da UBQ review of Bangalore Torpedo Tower by John Pazdan
Hi John, really like this one, crazy and cool. Where on earth did you pick the n...
Fri, Apr 4 6:39 AM Da UBQ review of PrĂȘt et Lourd by PorchCat
Nice n' heavy! I like the feel of this one, the vox could poke out a bit more th...
Fri, Apr 4 6:35 AM Da UBQ review of The Long Goodbye by John Pazdan
Fri, Apr 4 6:33 AM Da UBQ review of Eastern Reflections by vanpickup
Welcome. A brave attempt but there's just too much going on. I like the idea but...
Fri, Apr 4 5:39 AM Da UBQ review of Weirdest dream by vanpickup
Yeah I like, I'm definitely getting that filmic feel from it. I must say i was e...
Fri, Apr 4 5:35 AM Da UBQ review of Unmoored (Again) by fourstones
Nice smooth texture, I do like the bass. Makes me think of Funki Porcini and Fil...
Wed, Apr 2 8:58 PM Da UBQ review of Trust (2.12am) by AT
This one got me completely off guard. Superb
Wed, Apr 2 8:53 PM Da UBQ review of Brilliant Day (DURDEN version.) by DURDEN
Great Job, its all there, can't fault it. Oh yeah and i love the mescaline guita...
Wed, Apr 2 8:48 PM Da UBQ review of I Don't Like It Here by duckett
Ahh 'tis a good crop at present ;-) You do justice to a great 'pella, but, why s...
Wed, Apr 2 8:45 PM Da UBQ review of Hands by teru
Really like this one, it makes a real nice change from the norm. Got that simpli...
Fri, Mar 14 9:07 AM Da UBQ review of All Lies @ 3am (DJ Vadim - Them Say remix) by The3amAssociation
Great tune, mix is a bit cluttered though. Lots of great sh*t going on but somet...
Fri, Mar 14 8:48 AM Da UBQ review of DNA by yellowjacket_osx
Nice mix. The vocals screw with the stereo image a bit, might be worth squeezing...
Fri, Mar 14 8:42 AM Da UBQ review of Histoire de Rien / Friday by teru
Lovely, beautifully put together
Tue, Mar 11 4:21 PM Da UBQ review of Some Starry Lights by teru
SMOOTH with a capital S. Really good job, the vibe just flows!
Tue, Mar 11 3:16 PM Da UBQ review of Ana (King Catsup Dub Remix) by kingcatsup
Ahh summers ALMOST here! Great tune, love the vibe and feel of this one.