Reviews left by morgantj

Sun, Nov 15 12:18 PM morgantj review of Not to be by Carosone
Yes! I love it!
Sun, Dec 14 7:58 AM morgantj review of Zombies Invade Christmas by Kara Square
Perfect! This is the catalyst I needed for this project. Thank you.
Sun, Nov 16 6:48 PM morgantj review of Spoken Roma, Sweet NY by Colin Mutchler
OMG! This is great. Excellent spoken word voice and rhythm. Your choice of media...
Sun, Nov 16 6:43 PM morgantj review of Back Through The Stars by PorchCat
I LOVE this! It is really creating some vivid imagery for me...
Sun, Nov 16 9:01 AM morgantj review of My Audio Wake Up by teru
Er muh gerd! I'm calling the Ninja Tunes label right now. This should be on thei...
Sun, Nov 16 7:58 AM morgantj review of Pulse of the Party by Kara Square
This is fun and quirky! I can imagine a party with this playing. The imagery it ...
Sun, Nov 16 7:44 AM morgantj review of Maisie's Dream by gurdonark
I love it. With some subtle almost undiscernible old PBS vocal samples this woul...
Sun, Nov 16 7:21 AM morgantj review of Tiramisu Soup by Briareus
I dig it. Downtempo, subtle vocals, creamy smoov.
Sun, Nov 16 6:43 AM morgantj review of No Rules by rocavaco
Rocavaco, thank you for resurrecting this track and breathing new life into it w...
Sat, Aug 2 1:28 PM morgantj review of Climb by Snowflake
OMG! I absolutely LOVE this! The lyrics are perfect and as a whole it has a very...
Mon, Jan 20 6:33 AM morgantj review of Watching the world Burn by Sturzstrom
Creates emotion... once again hopeful and pleasant. Lovely, but why the abrupt t...
Mon, Jan 20 6:24 AM morgantj review of didnt play a note by Sturzstrom
Upbeat yet gentle. Creates a feeling that is hopeful.
Sun, Nov 10 12:22 PM morgantj review of Sleeping Giant by Suzi Q. Smith
Love the vocals. Would love to make a track around them, provided you provide t...
Fri, Mar 29 12:15 PM morgantj review of MMTMMP 20 - Ending by Mind Map That Music Map Podcast
LOL. It should be pronounced, "Morgan Tee Jay" :)
Tue, Feb 19 3:53 PM morgantj review of Begin Inter-species Intimacy by Disaster of Music