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Sat, Jun 25 11:22 AM DeBenedictis review of BELOW LINDA BARKER MIX by ASHWAN
Browsing through all these contest entries, I've been cringing every time I hear...
Thu, Jun 23 12:58 AM DeBenedictis review of below-uret-remix by uret
!xim yxes
Wed, Jun 22 11:43 AM DeBenedictis review of comfortably below by Comfortable Silence
Becoming one of my favorites. :)
Wed, Jun 22 11:42 AM DeBenedictis review of Ghiroma - High by Ghiroma
I *really* like this. also I liked the old guy voice. :)
Wed, Jun 22 11:30 AM DeBenedictis review of below-DU-first-remix by deutscheunschuld
This is really good...and unique, too. I like how you've put the vocals in a di...
Mon, Jun 20 4:56 PM DeBenedictis review of Hamlets' Theme by fourstones
It's f***ed up. I like it! Nice to hear Mr. Andrew on the Mixter. "H...
Mon, Jun 20 10:18 AM DeBenedictis review of Lisa Debenedictis Cukoo House Mix by Ultra Funkular Sound
got me dancing :)
Sun, Jun 19 2:02 PM DeBenedictis review of Cuckoo (lonely remix) by shockshadow
!!!! I'm undone...
Sat, Jun 18 9:08 AM DeBenedictis review of One Flew Below (ex-static mix) by Cezary Ostrowski
cezary's mixes are manic.
Sat, Jun 18 6:21 AM DeBenedictis review of The King-teru-remix by teru
Oh! Gorgeous!!! I've been wanting to hear more c. layne remixes around here. ...
Fri, May 20 1:11 PM DeBenedictis review of I Think I Started a Trend-teru-remix by teru
One of the best tracks I have heard on CCMixter. Great song, warm and sexy.
Sun, May 15 6:06 AM DeBenedictis review of Dance of the Urbanite by rjmarshall
Wow! You actually made me sound "cool." And the arrangement is gor...
Sun, May 15 1:16 AM DeBenedictis review of Girl and Superhuman Girl (Surreal remix) by shockshadow
This is really beautiful. Gets my imagination going.
Tue, May 10 8:49 AM DeBenedictis review of U Me N Him (fourstones treatment) by fourstones
I love the strings, I love the rap. I think the lovely but disconcerting chord ...
Mon, May 2 4:56 AM DeBenedictis review of One Second by The Unrecorded
lovely! looking forward to more.