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spinningmerkaba (jlbrock44):

Reviews left by spinningmerkaba

Sat, Mar 19 2:40 PM spinningmerkaba review of sometimes lazy by rocavaco
Nice mellow ride, like lying in bed on a Saturday afternoon. It bends the ear t...
Sat, Mar 5 8:32 AM spinningmerkaba review of Calling on Dolphins by fourstones
The watery loop is what holds Calling All Dolphins together, imho. The other pa...
Sat, Jan 16 9:32 AM spinningmerkaba review of Resurrection (at the river) by cskeating
Dark and mysterious, like if PJ Harvey did a montage for a new Sherlock episode....
Sun, Nov 15 9:43 PM spinningmerkaba review of Out Into The Open (Leafblown Mix) by duckett
The leaves are blowing far from the trees over here in the El Nino winds off the...
Sun, Jun 14 5:12 PM spinningmerkaba review of Glo by mykleanthony
Lush and hopeful with a undertone of sadness. A beautiful combination. You got...
Sun, Jun 14 11:09 AM spinningmerkaba review of Make It Stop by Calling Sister Midnight
In the headphones with this mix. In bed. I closed my eyes. I was standing on the...
Sun, Jun 14 10:53 AM spinningmerkaba review of I Don't Care Anymore by Speck
This remix sounds like the inside of my van, and if you peered inside through th...
Wed, Dec 3 12:20 PM spinningmerkaba review of dead or alive who cares any more? 2 by stellarartwars
its fun to hear the evolution of these mixes! thanks!
Mon, Nov 17 3:22 PM spinningmerkaba review of Life with CDK by copperhead
Thanks for steppin' up in every way possible!
Mon, Nov 17 2:37 PM spinningmerkaba review of Burning_Like_The_Sun by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow Stefan--I really like what you did with the verses--a step up from the origi...
Mon, Nov 17 2:33 PM spinningmerkaba review of Alive or Dead, who cares. Being dead just means being asleep, and people wake up by stellarartwars
I hear the street in this mix, just sounds earthy and real. thanks!
Mon, Nov 17 2:25 PM spinningmerkaba review of Drizzly Bears Witness by duckett
Always a pleasure to hear what comes out of your studio.
Mon, Aug 4 9:32 AM spinningmerkaba review of Looking for a new girl by Shelflife
Robotic and funky, sounds like an alien Elvis was cruisin' across the galaxy in ...
Mon, Jul 14 9:34 AM spinningmerkaba review of Just A Thought by IDzeroNo
Thanks for adding these vox into your mix!
Mon, Jul 14 8:52 AM spinningmerkaba review of Come Home by Alex
I raise the goblet of rock as a toast! Thanks Alex! You carved out chunks of mol...