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Reviews left by jacindae

Sun, Aug 29 9:03 PM jacindae review of Oh Come Thee Down (Phantom mix) by tacet
This is awesome! Very fun! It got me dancing in my chair. :)
Fri, Aug 27 2:26 PM jacindae review of Mine + Yours = Ours by George_Ellinas
It's been a long time since I've heard a trance song this good.
Fri, Aug 27 2:22 PM jacindae review of Tell Me Why by gurdonark
This is awesome. I really enjoyed listening.
Fri, Aug 27 2:01 PM jacindae review of 3 Strikes against Mr. Williams by copperhead
Fri, Aug 27 2:00 PM jacindae review of wakeup by grapes
I really like this. I'm shocked it hasn't been reviewed 4000 times already. Th...
Fri, Aug 27 1:52 PM jacindae review of 1939 by Briareus
This is incredible.
Fri, Aug 27 1:50 PM jacindae review of Dear Mr. Williams (Carnegy Hall Mix) by spinmeister
An amazing arrangement of a fantastic song. Your string additions really let th...
Fri, Aug 27 1:42 PM jacindae review of o come thee down by urmymuse
This is really nice! I love the chimes and bells...very nice work, I was worrie...
Sun, Aug 22 11:01 PM jacindae review of The Soul Longs by SackJo22
The intensity here is just...excellent. I love your arrangement, and of course ...
Sun, Aug 22 10:47 PM jacindae review of Oh Dear Mr Williams - Tango ? by unreal_dm
Very much deserved ed pick. This pella is so amazing that I could hear a whole ...
Sun, Aug 22 10:44 PM jacindae review of Oh Dear Mr Williams by Snowflake
There isn't much in the world that wouldn't sound better in your voice. This is...
Sun, Aug 22 10:42 PM jacindae review of That Same Old Thang by Songboy3
Finally, I listen. And I love it. You sound great, and this poem is awesome......
Sun, Aug 22 10:16 PM jacindae review of Stems- Banjo the Ferret Song by Kara Square
These stems are gold. Thanks for posting!!!
Sun, Aug 22 10:13 PM jacindae review of Vocal Stems- Stagnant by Kara Square
Going through the pellas, I really like this. It's clever, fun, and easy to lis...
Sat, Aug 21 10:29 PM jacindae review of Un solo corazon by SilviaO
Your voice is incredible. Every time I hear you it makes my day better. :)