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Oh Dear Mr Williams

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Loveshadow’s letter ignited more words that needed to come out, along with a bit o’ melody and a chorus. Then Victor found that crazy Paul Williams quote—and there came the bridge. Then had to tip my hat to ‘Rainy Days and Mondays’ of course! This is the third version of the song since Sunday (I was frustrated with it for a while).

Special thanks to Franklin for the line ‘artists on the margin’ and to spinningmerkaba for kicking my ass, making me spend more time on the lyrics and vocal style. thanks also goes to spinmeister—i thought i might not need to come up with a piano part, alas…

This is a very rough mix with a piano guide track and some minimal bvox. The chords alternate between Am EMaj Dm with a couple of Dm over F Maj variations.

Oh Dear Mr Williams

Oh Dear Mr Williams
Your frownin’ clown
That’s got me down
Can’t speak for me
Oh Dear Mr Williams
I hope at least on that we can agree

Dear Mr Williams
Now I’m sad to say
Your letter to your members
Fills me with dismay

But I believe
Good reasoning
Could put us back on course
And we will find our way

Oh Dear Mr Williams
Artists on the margin
Want community
Oh Dear Mr Williams
I hope at least on that we can agree

Heart payment
That’s what we get
And maybe
We’ll get paid
But I can say
That I won’t wait
It hasn’t

Dear Mr Williams
Now I will sing
A ditty just for you
This part’s my own
But when full grown
This song won’t be for ASCAP
Or just me

Now please
Can we
This cup o’tea
Is free
To me

Oh Dear Mr Williams
Funny as it seems
This melody is free
For you Mr Williams
I hope at least on that we can agree
(Feel free)
We wait to share in your apology
(Feel free)
I hope at least on that we can in unity
Savour artist choice—
Can we agree?

Mr Williams!

"Oh Dear Mr Williams"
by Snowflake

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