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Fri, Jan 24 1:29 PM jacindae review of One-Two-Three by Doxent Zsigmond
Whoa! So cool! Kara sings this wonderfully and the mood is just so laid back yet...
Mon, Mar 4 11:04 AM jacindae review of Get Up Kyrie Eleison (extended version) by DreamSynth
I really love the live feel of this, how the first part seems almost like an int...
Thu, Feb 28 1:26 PM jacindae review of Kyrie Eleison by DreamSynth
I don't know what I was expecting, but whatever it was, this wasn't it! This is ...
Sun, Feb 10 3:24 AM jacindae review of Gros Bon Ange by Da Rippa
I only just now listened to this because I'm so bad about checking this site. An...
Sun, Dec 30 9:50 PM jacindae review of The White Cube (Kyrie Eleison) by apophysia
I love getting remix notifications and coming and finding something like this! H...
Fri, May 4 10:25 PM jacindae review of Breathe by copperhead
Like something plucked from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack...this is definitely get...
Fri, May 4 10:23 PM jacindae review of BREATHe by SackJo22
You're amazing.
Fri, Dec 9 1:19 PM jacindae review of Dream by Jeris
I loved listening to this. Lovely lovely lovely.
Thu, Oct 6 1:27 PM jacindae review of Massive Insects (cdk Soulstep Remix) by cdk
Sorry this took me so long to listen and review...I'm a failure. Let me just te...
Wed, Aug 17 7:33 AM jacindae review of 1, 2, 3 by Jeris
I have no idea how you chopped that vocal up so much and yet it still sounded so...
Mon, Aug 8 2:58 PM jacindae review of BUILD AGAIN by Vidian
VERY cool. In my opinion, the toy piano makes it. Great pella, great treatment.
Mon, Aug 1 10:04 PM jacindae review of MIDIeval by septahelix
I love the way you've put this together.
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