Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Reviews left by gurdonark

Sun, May 12 11:02 AM gurdonark review of Shrimp Rich by septahelix
It's fun to hear how you took those cool tubular bells and turned them into a pa...
Sun, May 12 10:58 AM gurdonark review of violet town remix by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Cool synth sounds to accompany the spoken word track.
Sun, May 12 10:53 AM gurdonark review of Making Friends by mwic
I like flash fiction. I think it's fun sometimes to jam in 96 second increments ...
Sun, May 12 10:50 AM gurdonark review of Probably Shouldn't by J.Lang
Super smooth. Just the right number of additions.
Sun, May 12 10:46 AM gurdonark review of Transitional Speck-tacle by Kara Square
Great accompaniment for the scat singing!
Sun, May 12 5:37 AM gurdonark review of reCreation by airtone
Like a lullaby. Very nice.
Sun, May 12 5:32 AM gurdonark review of The Worlds End by debbizo
Effective use of the samples to create a rich, full song.
Sun, May 12 5:19 AM gurdonark review of Not You Again (with Scomber) by Mana Junkie
Daydreams are often the very best dreams. Good mix.
Sun, May 12 5:13 AM gurdonark review of Mary Who Now? by Speck
Smooth, inventive and fun!
Sun, May 12 5:09 AM gurdonark review of The Reuse of Noise (Angel Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
That came out great! The keyboards are really good.
Sun, Dec 16 5:25 AM gurdonark review of Second Crop by Speck
I love the way you've taken all these disparate remixes and created something in...
Sun, Dec 16 5:21 AM gurdonark review of The Holly and the Ivy (Rising Sun Mix) by Snowflake
What a lovely remix! I love the backing vocals, the creation of new refrains and...
Fri, Nov 30 8:46 PM gurdonark review of Die Trying by Snowflake
Great mix--the lyrics and vocals hold my attention, and the smoothness with whic...
Fri, Nov 30 8:41 PM gurdonark review of El Pez y el Universo by fluffy
The virtual guitar and the ocean sounds fit the spoken track very well.
Fri, Nov 30 8:38 PM gurdonark review of Unbroken: Love, Rage, and Beauty by Mr_Yesterday
I think the addition of the backing vocal is a creative idea that works well in ...