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FeaturingAdmiral Bob
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What could go wrong in a secret mixter if you are assigned to Bob?
Dozens of really great hand crafted tracks with a vast well of stems: A wet dream for producers!

Here we go (again) with our interpretation of Bob’s fine work.

With luv from Hamburg

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems 01

  • /BASS H6 FingerBass.flac (1.98MB)
  • /BASS Octafinga.flac (1.44MB)
  • /BASS Woodesque.flac (312.20KB)
  • /DRUMS Funky Liquid GaSE.flac (23.12MB)
  • /DRUMS ItsOver.flac (20.00MB)
  • /GUIT FunkEmUp.flac (1.89MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems 02

  • /DRUMS NewBeginnings.flac (11.33MB)
  • /EPIANO AB Menthol_(take_the_chance).flac (8.84MB)
  • /GUIT AB Menthol.flac (7.68MB)
  • /STRINGS Full.flac (8.45MB)
  • /VOX First.flac (11.66MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems 03

  • /BASS AB BassyThing.flac (5.53MB)
  • /BASS Murmelurmel.flac (4.52MB)
  • /BASS Slappy Happy.flac (7.51MB)
  • /DRUMS CmOLngExpctdJss.flac (4.04MB)
  • /EPIANO AB AreYouScaredYet.flac (4.87MB)
  • /EPIANO Aged.flac (5.83MB)
  • /GUIT Lead AB ItsOver (R).flac (4.83MB)
  • /ORGAN AB AMinorFourths.flac (3.60MB)
  • /VOX Harm.flac (5.80MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems 04

  • /BASS RAW Subbed.flac (2.86MB)
  • /DRUMS IAmWaiting.flac (2.26MB)
  • /GUIT AB Surf AMinorFourths.flac (3.22MB)
  • /GUIT Laked.flac (3.59MB)

by 7OOP3D

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