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Reviews left by gurdonark

Sun, Nov 24 12:54 AM gurdonark review of Endure by Anchor
Welcome back! Nice, gentle flowing backing that works well with the 'pella.
Thu, Aug 15 8:56 PM gurdonark review of Triptych of Snippets by septahelix
I like the way you get so much more than snippets out of the snippet samples. Th...
Thu, Aug 15 8:46 PM gurdonark review of Hey, Are You Here? by Robbero
Although this sounded good in my headphones, I felt almost sad not to hear it in...
Wed, Aug 14 5:43 AM gurdonark review of Trance is... (Ambient Cinematic Trance) by Whitewolf
Spirited, melodic and enjoyable.
Wed, Aug 14 5:38 AM gurdonark review of Bonne nuit by Bluemillenium
Une trรจs bonne chanson.
Tue, Aug 13 5:53 AM gurdonark review of Interstellar Mixer by PorchCat
I like the way the drones and the percussion and all the other elements add up t...
Tue, Aug 13 5:41 AM gurdonark review of Breathe (Travel Light) by Snowflake
Great song! It all fits together really well.
Sun, Aug 11 8:19 PM gurdonark review of Sadness by mykleanthony
My song "Sadness" never had a lyric before. Thank you for giving it a new chill ...
Sun, Aug 11 8:11 PM gurdonark review of Decisions by Mana Junkie
I think Maggie should set everything aside, pour another cup of tea, and contemp...
Sun, Aug 11 8:03 PM gurdonark review of anyOtherDay by airtone
Smooth, easy transitions help make this a good listen.
Sun, Aug 11 4:27 AM gurdonark review of Blind Love (Gypsy Dub) by ScOmBer
The lyrics gain an added poignance with the passage of time. Excellent, spirited...
Sun, Aug 11 4:08 AM gurdonark review of Odder Stuff (Duckettized) by 7OOP3D
I like the way the synth melody and percussion fit together into a solid dose of...
Sun, Aug 11 4:03 AM gurdonark review of All it takes by Siobhan Dakay
A really well-done packing makes this a very good listen.
Sun, Aug 11 3:58 AM gurdonark review of Startrip SpatialAudio(Headphone3D) by tigabeatz
A playful mix for the headphones.
Sun, Aug 11 3:52 AM gurdonark review of Funky Moon by Stefan Kartenberg
A rich, varied and fun remix.