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Reviews left by gurdonark

Sun, Nov 24 6:22 PM gurdonark review of the reason by panu
That does sound like a great Saturday. May remixer and remixed both always have...
Sun, Nov 24 6:17 PM gurdonark review of Chance by onlymeith
That keyboard interlude works very well. Good song.
Sun, Nov 24 6:13 PM gurdonark review of One True Mother by Speck
Smooth and steady and quirky and fun.
Sun, Nov 24 6:09 PM gurdonark review of Paper Hearts (live in Bayreuth) by Siobhan Dakay
I'm glad that you weren't able to fit this as a rock song, as the cinematic back...
Sun, Nov 24 6:03 PM gurdonark review of Slum Kid (Endurance) by 7OOP3D
I love that chill intro. I think it's tricky getting the vocal to fit in with th...
Sun, Nov 24 5:56 PM gurdonark review of Eye of a Hurricane by Snowflake
Solid vocal, and that electronica-backing interlude is really fun.
Sun, Nov 24 5:51 PM gurdonark review of Ink on the Page by Admiral Bob
Cool vocal and well-done mix!
Sun, Nov 24 5:44 PM gurdonark review of What Do You See by Apoxode
The way you merge the sample into the backing is well-done and clever.
Sun, Nov 24 5:38 PM gurdonark review of Onlymyth by septahelix
I like the jazzy feel of this one.
Sun, Nov 24 1:17 AM gurdonark review of Chronically Deranged (Autopsy Mix) by Whitewolf
Appealing prog/post-rock track. I can hear what a great deal of work this must h...
Sun, Nov 24 1:12 AM gurdonark review of Black to the Night (1000 Ways Mix) by SackJo22
You provide a rich set of sounds to add to Scomber's vocal and bring it out into...
Sun, Nov 24 1:03 AM gurdonark review of Endurance by Scomber
Very well done. You took the samples and fit them into your style impressively. ...
Sun, Nov 24 12:54 AM gurdonark review of Endure by Anchor
Welcome back! Nice, gentle flowing backing that works well with the 'pella.
Thu, Aug 15 8:56 PM gurdonark review of Triptych of Snippets by septahelix
I like the way you get so much more than snippets out of the snippet samples. Th...
Thu, Aug 15 8:46 PM gurdonark review of Hey, Are You Here? by Robbero
Although this sounded good in my headphones, I felt almost sad not to hear it in...