Yin of Yang Mixing In Progress

Reviews left by gurdonark

Sun, Jun 14 4:42 AM gurdonark review of Bigstocks RMX by reusenoise
Great use of your tools! I would never have guessed this was an entry level smar...
Sun, Jun 14 4:37 AM gurdonark review of I Don't Care Anymore by Speck
I like this unconventional melody, and the effective way you've used the slide. ...
Sun, Jun 14 4:32 AM gurdonark review of Dancing Round Like Dandelion (hybrid dance mix) by P7R7L5 (DJ Yegor)
Very solid, well-integrated mix.
Sun, Mar 1 4:57 PM gurdonark review of Base for Breathing by maplesnow
Good sample--and glad you broke it down into component parts via multiple upload...
Sun, Mar 1 4:54 PM gurdonark review of Ebow Sonata by Javolenus
Very useful sample. Also, a cool melody.
Sun, Nov 16 6:24 PM gurdonark review of Vanderboogie by duckett
Smooth and stitched together nicely, like my best glove when I was a right field...
Sun, Nov 16 6:18 PM gurdonark review of Traveling by Geert Veneklaas
It's a very nice accompaniment. If you had not posted that you found it incomple...
Sun, Nov 16 6:13 PM gurdonark review of Electro Deluxe by My Free Mickey
I can readily attest that every sound in your remix came directly from something...
Sun, Nov 16 5:19 AM gurdonark review of My Inner Mystery (Kirkoid Mix) by Kirkoid
Quite a transformation, from source material to mix. Very inventive.
Sun, Nov 16 4:59 AM gurdonark review of Some where love is closer now by J.Lang
Great mix. Really full of life. I like the drums in particular.
Sun, Nov 16 4:52 AM gurdonark review of The Inner Eye (compromised mix) by kthugha
I like the way you did indeed give it a bit of boisterousness, and that way the ...
Sun, Nov 16 4:42 AM gurdonark review of space invaders by urmymuse
Lovely mix of the vocal and the instrumental track--it doesn't sound like a remi...
Sun, Nov 16 4:36 AM gurdonark review of Alive or Dead, who cares. Being dead just means being asleep, and people wake up by stellarartwars
You can't go wrong with Linux tools. I like the minimal approach here--really h...
Sun, Nov 16 4:32 AM gurdonark review of Badabing Badaboom by spinmeister
That rhythm section is really catchy. Really fun mix.
Sun, Nov 16 4:27 AM gurdonark review of Trilogy 3. Skynet by Loveshadow
This treatment brings Colin's exegesis (whatever that is) of the modern conditio...