Yin of Yang Mixing In Progress

Reviews left by gurdonark

Sun, Nov 15 12:18 PM gurdonark review of The Long Chain by Briareus
So many nice touches here--the subtle percussion, the great guitar line in the s...
Sun, Nov 15 12:11 PM gurdonark review of Fallwind by 7OOP3D
solid, propulsive melody- nicely mixed.
Sun, Nov 15 12:06 PM gurdonark review of Is Yours in a Tree or a Cage? by morgantj
I like all the varied places these samples take us. Fun mix.
Sun, Nov 15 12:02 PM gurdonark review of Not to be by Carosone
Great mix of the various samples--a good listen with lots of life.
Sun, Nov 15 11:57 AM gurdonark review of Memories (infiniti loop) by Vidian
Really nice loop that makes the most of the melody. This was smooth and upbeat.
Sat, Oct 10 12:47 PM gurdonark review of Ride Cymbal, 20 inch, with SFZ map, 5 velocity layers by Kevin Lawson
Very nice. When I hear basic parts, I always think that they're better with le...
Sat, Oct 10 12:36 PM gurdonark review of City Life by Hystrixx
Everything fits well with the pella. Right on target.
Sat, Oct 10 12:31 PM gurdonark review of Chords For David by DjSpo0ny
A good step to the next place for this song.
Sat, Oct 10 12:24 PM gurdonark review of Velveteen skies by Carosone
Like a drive through the countryside, open open meadows and bursts of trees, Oct...
Sun, Jun 14 8:22 PM gurdonark review of Pulling G's by panu
Lots of things happening here. Really good job of mixing!
Sun, Jun 14 8:09 PM gurdonark review of Go Time by Bluemillenium
Lots of life and action blended among the samples here to create this mix.
Sun, Jun 14 8:02 PM gurdonark review of You Believed It Yourself by Siobhan Dakay
I like that guitar riff later in the song, because it's a bit unexpected after t...
Sun, Jun 14 5:20 AM gurdonark review of we share by Stefan Kartenberg
Thank you for sharing this. It's fun to be part of this "tour" of what the Mixte...
Sun, Jun 14 4:56 AM gurdonark review of Free Culture (Never Easy) by 7OOP3D
Smooth, professional, and a good listen!
Sun, Jun 14 4:48 AM gurdonark review of departures by airtone
Smooth and effective. Like a memory that gives one a warm feeling, even if the d...