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Reviews left by gurdonark

Sun, Nov 16 4:59 AM gurdonark review of Some where love is closer now by J.Lang
Great mix. Really full of life. I like the drums in particular.
Sun, Nov 16 4:52 AM gurdonark review of The Inner Eye (compromised mix) by kthugha
I like the way you did indeed give it a bit of boisterousness, and that way the ...
Sun, Nov 16 4:42 AM gurdonark review of space invaders by urmymuse
Lovely mix of the vocal and the instrumental track--it doesn't sound like a remi...
Sun, Nov 16 4:36 AM gurdonark review of Alive or Dead, who cares. Being dead just means being asleep, and people wake up by stellarartwars
You can't go wrong with Linux tools. I like the minimal approach here--really h...
Sun, Nov 16 4:32 AM gurdonark review of Badabing Badaboom by spinmeister
That rhythm section is really catchy. Really fun mix.
Sun, Nov 16 4:27 AM gurdonark review of Trilogy 3. Skynet by Loveshadow
This treatment brings Colin's exegesis (whatever that is) of the modern conditio...
Sun, Nov 16 4:21 AM gurdonark review of No Rules by rocavaco
I like electronica music because one song can do so many things. Here you've mix...
Sun, Nov 16 4:12 AM gurdonark review of Gaslighting by State Shirt
That's a nice, propulsive melody and beat to fit the vocal,
Sun, Nov 16 4:06 AM gurdonark review of I Look At The Sky by Mana Junkie
Rich, beefy mix with a fun use of the vocal samples.
Sun, Nov 16 4:02 AM gurdonark review of This is DoKashiteru by Carosone
Exuberant, fun mix. Full of energy.
Wed, Oct 22 6:27 AM gurdonark review of Waiting for the morning bus by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
The cello works very well with the guitar. This piece might be more fun expanded...
Fri, Oct 17 5:04 AM gurdonark review of Jamming with C'Lasswell by Loveshadow
smooth, sophisticated propulsive music.
Fri, Oct 17 4:58 AM gurdonark review of Letting Go by Aussens@iter
I like that guitar line, which adds a lot of life to the piece in a relaxed, gui...
Tue, Oct 14 6:19 AM gurdonark review of Sunday afternoon (Jazz Mix) by Jeris
Like sitting at round tables in a field of clover next to a sculpture garden, wh...
Tue, Oct 14 6:11 AM gurdonark review of History & Chemistry by unreal_dm
Great vintage sound. Like being transported back to 1972, only with less paisley...