Reviews left by gurdonark

Mon, Feb 13 4:34 AM gurdonark review of databeat1 by Brilliant Orange Object
This minimal beat should be useful.
Sun, Feb 12 4:36 PM gurdonark review of Whatever (Treatment) by fourstones
I think this one works--the way the guitar line has a laid-back, almost languid ...
Sun, Feb 12 5:21 AM gurdonark review of c Thing by duncan_beattie
This is lovely.
Sat, Feb 11 10:49 PM gurdonark review of pt. 3 (instrumental) by Analog By Nature
I like this. I like it so well I may even try to add a vocal, provided, of cours...
Sat, Feb 11 6:56 AM gurdonark review of C@c by Danny Van Der Loy
I liked the beats on this piece. As a movie accompaniment, I imagine that more v...
Sat, Feb 11 6:23 AM gurdonark review of State of the Union by PorchCat
The piano really fits well here with the samples. The lights beats work quite we...
Mon, Feb 6 10:43 AM gurdonark review of K2 - Menina Doida by K2 - Lumbriga
hi! you can find some on my website... ... hope u like it... ...
Mon, Feb 6 6:45 AM gurdonark review of radio promo buckman insane by admin
You know, he is not evil.
Sun, Feb 5 4:18 PM gurdonark review of Quando o dia vem by Every Single Soul
Fun stuff!
Sun, Feb 5 1:00 PM gurdonark review of Girl by georgeblunt
The intro is simple and shimmery. The quiet backing makes a good atmosphere for ...
Sat, Feb 4 4:35 AM gurdonark review of People by Analog By Nature
yes. very much so. yes. p.s., an upload of just the keyboard parts as well wo...
Sat, Feb 4 3:09 AM gurdonark review of Lips of God Drums by spinningmerkaba
I'm no genius with beats,but even a limited imagination like mine can hear a zil...
Fri, Feb 3 6:36 AM gurdonark review of Road to Jupiter by lethal
I like the light, capable beats here. Good minimal feel.
Fri, Feb 3 6:34 AM gurdonark review of Stand Dazed by Inflewence
This is solid.
Thu, Feb 2 5:56 AM gurdonark review of Burnt by Phazor
I like the guitar-ish riff at the beginning the very best. It would be fun to ha...