Yin of Yang Mixing In Progress

Reviews left by gurdonark

Tue, Mar 16 5:42 AM gurdonark review of 𝑮𝑹𝑬𝑵𝑨𝑫𝑬 by Apoxode
A really energetic mix!
Sun, Mar 14 7:32 AM gurdonark review of Dont go wasting my time by ScOmBer
Your setting here fits a 90s late night talk show, with the singer and band appe...
Sun, Mar 14 7:26 AM gurdonark review of Patchwork Built by Speck
Really clever use of samples to create a fun mix: In my mind a futuristic specie...
Tue, Dec 29 6:00 AM gurdonark review of Breakfast on the Dark Side of the Moon by Mana Junkie
Thank you for incorporating my material into a rich, vivid mix. I enjoy the way ...
Mon, Dec 14 5:30 AM gurdonark review of Technicolor Dreams by Briareus
A cool, fresh take on the original.
Mon, Dec 14 5:25 AM gurdonark review of Alone Together by Jonatha Chance
I like the sense of early 70s metal instrumental breaks that I get from this pie...
Mon, Dec 14 5:21 AM gurdonark review of Dub Junkie by bangcorrupt
The guitars really do add a great deal to this one. Nicely done.
Sun, Dec 13 8:22 AM gurdonark review of A Little Ditty on the Dance Floor by J.Lang
Great mix--it hits the dancefloor and never misses a move.
Sun, Dec 13 8:16 AM gurdonark review of Silly Monkey 2020 by mwic
I enjoyed this--it gave me a chuckle. Thanks for sharing it.
Sun, Dec 13 8:12 AM gurdonark review of Severed Roots by Kara Square
I am sorry for your loss. This piece is a deeply moving listen, and is well-m...
Sun, Dec 13 8:05 AM gurdonark review of Kung Fu Xaphoon by septahelix
Smooth and solid--a good listen that held my interest all the way through.
Sun, May 31 9:19 AM gurdonark review of hope is ambient by sleeperspaceborn
Really lovely. Very nice sound and melody.
Sun, May 31 9:14 AM gurdonark review of A Chance For Change by Speck
I like the way you mix in the voices here. Nicely done.
Mon, Apr 6 6:08 AM gurdonark review of Ordinary People ( Ordinary Mix ) Feat Scomber on vocals by J.Lang
I never fully appreciated this 'pella until I heard it in this setting. It's a r...
Mon, Apr 6 5:21 AM gurdonark review of Gravity and Grace (with My Free Mickey) by SackJo22
That is a really well-done mix. Evocative lyrics, solid instrumental backing and...