Reviews left by gurdonark

Mon, Jan 20 11:41 AM gurdonark review of Crowded Rooms by coruscate
A stark, spare, quirky yet forceful backing that helps set off the vocals.
Sun, Nov 24 7:15 PM gurdonark review of White In The Moon** The other Side Of The Moon Remix by J.Lang
I like that though this is a rich and full mix, you kept your touch light, and a...
Sun, Nov 24 7:10 PM gurdonark review of Endurance Swirls Impermanence by essesq
The music and the vocals fit very well together here. Good job. I got a chance t...
Sun, Nov 24 7:05 PM gurdonark review of Blue Sky Blues by Kara Square
Very well-crafted! I'm glad you gave the harmonica a solo. I think you should ha...
Sun, Nov 24 7:00 PM gurdonark review of reNovation by airtone
A delightfully chill good listen.
Sun, Nov 24 6:56 PM gurdonark review of Purple Darkness by daniloprates
Cool new vocal track! Very evocative.
Sun, Nov 24 6:51 PM gurdonark review of in der tiefe by tigabeatz
I imagine this is the song of the creatures in the geothermal vents--full of sur...
Sun, Nov 24 6:46 PM gurdonark review of R-h-y-t-h-m by Stefan Kartenberg
Great backing for that vocal track in this mix--fits the lyrics very well.
Sun, Nov 24 6:39 PM gurdonark review of Somebody We Know by Loveshadow
The backing vocals here really work. One could play this live in Fort Worth and ...
Sun, Nov 24 6:22 PM gurdonark review of the reason by panu
That does sound like a great Saturday. May remixer and remixed both always have...
Sun, Nov 24 6:17 PM gurdonark review of Chance by onlymeith
That keyboard interlude works very well. Good song.
Sun, Nov 24 6:13 PM gurdonark review of One True Mother by Speck
Smooth and steady and quirky and fun.
Sun, Nov 24 6:09 PM gurdonark review of Paper Hearts (live in Bayreuth) by Siobhan Dakay
I'm glad that you weren't able to fit this as a rock song, as the cinematic back...
Sun, Nov 24 6:03 PM gurdonark review of Slum Kid (Endurance) by 7OOP3D
I love that chill intro. I think it's tricky getting the vocal to fit in with th...
Sun, Nov 24 5:56 PM gurdonark review of Eye of a Hurricane by Snowflake
Solid vocal, and that electronica-backing interlude is really fun.