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Reviews left by gurdonark

Wed, Apr 21 5:18 AM gurdonark review of Hyperspace Hypnotism by bangcorrupt
This song is a really good listen. Good job mixing it all together.
Sun, Apr 18 3:42 PM gurdonark review of Who's Afraid of mwic by mwic
I like the polyrhythmic percussion and the sense I have of an unexpected fusio...
Sun, Apr 18 3:39 PM gurdonark review of Rose Petals by Dan_Mantau
The little melodic synth touches are particularly nice. Good job!
Sun, Apr 18 3:36 PM gurdonark review of Resonance by acrylic bathhouse
Lovely downtempo song. Part of me wanted it to go on longer, but I think you are...
Sun, Apr 18 3:32 PM gurdonark review of Sally Burgess by Carosone
Smooth 70s rock served up 2021 style.
Sun, Apr 18 3:26 PM gurdonark review of The moon and the stars by Stefan Kartenberg
Even more than the moon and stars, this mix really aligns well. I liked the horn...
Sun, Apr 18 1:05 PM gurdonark review of stars by urmymuse
Good use of the sources. I like the way the guitar solo slides into drones, like...
Sun, Apr 18 8:09 AM gurdonark review of Rodeohead by septahelix
I like this cool trip hop remix of Copperhead!
Sun, Apr 18 8:00 AM gurdonark review of Menthol Vapor ft. HEKTOR THILLET by Apoxode
I like this--the mix carries me to places I did not expect to go.
Sun, Apr 18 7:55 AM gurdonark review of Backwards in Time by Calling Sister Midnight
An inventive approach that pays off well. I like the way around 1:28 that the b...
Sun, Apr 18 7:40 AM gurdonark review of Peace and Blessings by J.Lang
Smooth and cinematic. Good one!
Sun, Apr 18 7:31 AM gurdonark review of Light and dark by sparky
That's lovely. Thank you!
Sun, Apr 18 5:10 AM gurdonark review of Notice Me by Snowflake
Excellent track--really full of life.
Sun, Apr 18 5:00 AM gurdonark review of Ghosts In Your Mind by Darkroom
You make great use of those great samp[es. Well done.
Sun, Apr 18 4:53 AM gurdonark review of Menthol by 7OOP3D
A great representation of what you can do with Admiral Bob's work.