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Kwame (djiz):

Reviews left by Kwame

Sun, Aug 9 1:43 PM Kwame review of Deep by Costalagunja
... Unexpected remix... :) Some interesting ideas, I like the work in mixing all...
Mon, Aug 3 1:07 PM Kwame review of The Cold Wood Stove Blues (New Orleans Mix) by Calling Sister Midnight
Really nice!
Mon, Aug 3 9:30 AM Kwame review of Delorean / B-Side by BOCrew
Nice one. I like the "old school" feeling of that remix... it sounds peacefull ...
Sat, Aug 1 6:52 PM Kwame review of Mémoire Pour Demain (Souvenir mix) by duckett
I agree, The mix is good and I think it's done. I love the ambiant you've build...
Sat, Aug 1 6:35 PM Kwame review of Aimée ? by MiElle
I think I'll try to remix it. Thanks for uploading and happy to have a french p...
Sun, Jul 26 1:34 PM Kwame review of One for Me by SackJo22
Great track! just listen it and as allready said it makes me smile... Love it! ...
Tue, Jul 21 3:45 PM Kwame review of Delorean On The Block by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Dope! The beat is crazy, perfect for that pella, everything had allready been s...
Sun, Jul 19 4:08 AM Kwame review of Certain Death Dance Mix by J.Lang
Nice one... Perfect for a trip by car, it the type of track I like to play while...
Thu, Jul 2 1:16 PM Kwame review of MR LIQUOR STORE MAN by FORENSIC (4nsic) by mykleanthony
Just listen to your remix. I love this pella... I had never manage to do someth...
Thu, Jul 2 12:28 PM Kwame review of Delorean by J.Lang
Nice! I am working to remix it! Thanks for that great pella.
Sat, Jun 27 5:52 PM Kwame review of Don't get it twisted by DJ.E-State
Hypnotic beat! Nice job
Tue, May 5 3:30 AM Kwame review of Sitar by error404
Nice one. The beat is great and the acapella's synched well.
Wed, Apr 1 5:32 AM Kwame review of melange by gromozek
Great! Sounds more like an original than a remix... Great job.
Sat, Mar 28 4:19 AM Kwame review of Hoody Sweater by Karma Cowboy
Crazy beat! I love that one
Thu, Mar 26 10:32 AM Kwame review of Dream of you by DJ.E-State
Nice one... Clean mix. Love the way you play with drums.