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Fri, Feb 8 7:29 AM Announcements :: ccMusic Award Nominees
Congrats to all the fine talent at CCmixter!!!
Fri, Jan 4 8:35 PM Announcements :: ccMusic Award Nominees
Fri, Jan 4 4:52 PM Announcements :: ccMusic Award Nominees
where do you vote?
Tue, Nov 27 6:05 PM Announcements :: Snow & Sleet Secret Mixter
I need to get my music software working! I think it's time.
Fri, Oct 26 12:01 PM Announcements :: Help Us Re-Design ccMixter
I feel tempo and key should be mandatory. Just makes it easier.
Thu, Feb 26 5:22 PM Announcements :: Free creative common sessions!!!
Very cool! Free to the world. You can log in thru Facebook! https://www....
Wed, Jan 28 9:00 AM Announcements :: Music for Healing – Upcoming Remix Project Announcement
Protools 12 is coming out and they are offering a free version. It's the full ve...
Sat, Jan 24 6:19 PM Announcements :: Music for Healing – Upcoming Remix Project Announcement
I was always intrigued by the harmonium.
Fri, Dec 5 8:52 PM Announcements :: Songs of the Season
It would really help a lot if everything was separated, pells and samples.
Tue, Nov 25 4:09 PM Announcements :: Thank you to Generous ccMixter Supporters!
I owe another $80.
Mon, Nov 17 1:50 PM Announcements :: I will donate $5 to CCmixter for anyone that remixes me.
Spins remix of badabing generated 20 bucks from me. There's only a week or so le...
Wed, Nov 12 4:04 PM Announcements :: I am raising the bounty on whomever remixes me to $20
For the duration of the fundraiser with a cap of $200. So com’on, that’s ju...
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