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Reviews left by annabloom

Mon, Feb 18 4:16 PM annabloom review of Luuuvfin2 by rohas_hussein
really like the restraint tension in this one
Mon, Feb 18 4:15 PM annabloom review of I Spy (with my little eye) by ScOmBer
cool swing cool drive
Mon, Feb 18 4:13 PM annabloom review of The Haunted Hotel by SackJo22
riveting, just is
Sun, Feb 17 3:01 AM annabloom review of Muse by texasradiofish
just brillo musing
Sun, Feb 17 2:56 AM annabloom review of An accident waiting to happen by robwalkerpoet
a compelling mix
Sat, Feb 16 8:10 AM annabloom review of Bibliographiti by Speck
not too weird and not too bad but weirdly wonderful, thanks for letting take par...
Sat, Feb 9 7:38 PM annabloom review of Your Voice by CSoul
beautiful sergio leone feel (ennio morricone really)
Sat, Feb 9 6:16 PM annabloom review of may you have an optative moog by robwalkerpoet
really love the restrained feel of this well proportioned mix - coolness (mentio...
Sun, Feb 3 9:43 AM annabloom review of Portland Firebloom by Super_Sigil
beautiful jazz session from a different reference point
Fri, Feb 1 6:23 PM annabloom review of Spinning (ft. Kara Square) by Quarkstar
a great film for the ear - and keeps the mind going
Fri, Feb 1 6:15 PM annabloom review of Dance of Djinns on Mount Yoont by murat ses
Sat, Jan 26 6:36 PM annabloom review of The Sexiness of 'S' feat. Dave Merrick, nickleus & boboshin by Mimmy
most delightful collage
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