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Reviews left by Anchor

Sun, Aug 29 7:03 AM Anchor review of Mr. Williams Blues by MC Jack in the Box
love it! essence of collaboration... perfect in every way and a great addition...
Thu, Aug 26 6:55 AM Anchor review of A Tentative Return by Fireproof_Babies
out of continual and lifetime searches for self-expression and hopefully the rew...
Thu, Aug 26 6:52 AM Anchor review of The Art of Noise by PorchCat
"Do the things you are not supposed to do; surprise yourself." great conce...
Tue, Aug 24 8:06 AM Anchor review of Unleash My Song- The Echoed Treatment by J.Lang
beautiful backing music J ! enjoyed it very much.
Mon, Aug 23 10:50 AM Anchor review of Blake's Song of Free Speech & Song (a Cover) by SackJo22
thanks Susan. beautiful singing - thoughtful interpretation.
Mon, Aug 23 10:46 AM Anchor review of Stems- How Do Lesbians Have Sex? by Kara Square
you have a nice voice. funny video too!
Mon, Aug 23 2:55 AM Anchor review of Oh Dear Mr Williams - Tango ? by unreal_dm
one of my favorites of your recent uploads...lots of verve- well done and a grea...
Mon, Aug 23 2:24 AM Anchor review of The Soul Longs by SackJo22
Susan its always a treat to hear ones poetry or lyrics interpreted by someone w...
Sun, Aug 22 5:47 AM Anchor review of When Love Turns Blue by panu
insights tempered by wisdom.
Thu, Aug 19 6:17 AM Anchor review of No One Is Alone by Speck
Tue, Aug 17 6:51 AM Anchor review of Black is the Color by oldDog
this proves that if a song was good once upon a time - it remains so always. tra...
Mon, Aug 16 4:26 AM Anchor review of Oh Come Thee Down (Chorale) by SackJo22
THE definition of Splendid............
Sun, Aug 15 2:35 PM Anchor review of Oh Come Thee Down (duet with Jacinda Espinosa) by Snowflake
This has to be one of the most creative projects of late! an unexpected madriga...
Sat, Jul 31 4:00 AM Anchor review of The World is Wrong by DoKashiteru
really miss Kaer ! but its always a pleasure to hear her vocals - especially wh...
Sat, Jul 24 5:44 AM Anchor review of Revolver by marcinn
fabulous arrangement - loved every second!