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Admiral Bob (admiralbob77):

Reviews left by Admiral Bob

Sat, Feb 27 1:55 PM Admiral Bob review of Madrugada by logos
The perfect combination of Latin and Electronica.
Sat, Feb 27 1:48 PM Admiral Bob review of How Do I Make You See v1 by Ivan Chew
This is really nice. Reminds me vaguely of Feist's Mushaboom. Really good job, I...
Sat, Feb 27 1:45 PM Admiral Bob review of Spacey by copperhead
Thats's cool. I like that the lead melody on this is right out front.
Fri, Feb 26 6:41 PM Admiral Bob review of Wild Unbeaten Heart (Kirkoid Mix) by Kirkoid
Cool, groovy track, and I like the musical metaphors. Although you'd be surprise...
Thu, Feb 25 9:21 PM Admiral Bob review of The Differences Of Fusion by Subliminal
Calming, and yet with all the details, brings alertness. The chorused guitar and...
Thu, Feb 25 8:59 PM Admiral Bob review of Eternity by MC Jack in the Box
Its like a Dead Can Dance piece, but with more soul. :)
Thu, Feb 25 8:54 PM Admiral Bob review of Bottomless Need by panu
I like it, and there's only three things you can rely on...but you don't always ...
Thu, Feb 25 4:18 PM Admiral Bob review of Trippy by ignacio cantisano
The clacky percussion, sine wave basslines, and other interesting sounds makes a...
Wed, Feb 24 3:44 PM Admiral Bob review of Soulful bob's mix by Des Baies
This is really awesome. I like how it hints at the original Cesar Franck accompa...
Wed, Feb 24 6:10 AM Admiral Bob review of Off the Chain (boomaga chill mix) by boomaga
Love the rhodes/wurlitzer sound. I can never get enough of that. :)
Tue, Feb 23 6:10 PM Admiral Bob review of Deja vu by ScOmBer
A scomber power-ballad. Cool! This is awesome! The acoustic cutaway reminds me o...
Tue, Feb 23 6:08 PM Admiral Bob review of Long Line Blues by JCrews
I like the ideas here. The vocal certainly sounds good over a mellow reggae-ish ...