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Reviews left by Whitewolf

Tue, Mar 2 5:52 PM Whitewolf review of honey by Stefan Kartenberg
Tue, Mar 2 5:48 PM Whitewolf review of Be That Star by Apoxode
Holy f*ck!!! This is real talent, absolutely frikkin' AMAZING remix, that's what...
Tue, Mar 2 5:25 PM Whitewolf review of Modern Love by ScOmBer
This track gave me goosebumps from the moment you started to sing, and I could f...
Wed, Feb 24 7:04 PM Whitewolf review of The Deceived by septahelix
Cool, mellow vibe. Slow and sultry. Thanks for adding me to your mix!
Wed, Feb 24 5:10 AM Whitewolf review of I'll be your Everything by ScOmBer
Lovely song!
Sun, Feb 21 7:10 AM Whitewolf review of Made Whole by Apoxode
What a great song you put together here, your creativity continues to amaze me. ...
Sun, Feb 21 7:05 AM Whitewolf review of Seven Minute Love by septahelix
I agree entirely with Mana Junkie when he said this is a "tour de force of sound...
Sun, Feb 21 7:00 AM Whitewolf review of We Are One Love by texasradiofish
Fri, Feb 19 4:01 PM Whitewolf review of Music Takes Shape by Apoxode
Brilliant mix, simple and not ostentatious, I like my music medium rare, but wel...
Fri, Feb 19 3:55 PM Whitewolf review of One Love Remix by Dysfunction_AL
Nice! This also reminds me a bit of Calvin Harris "Acceptable in the 80's". I lo...
Fri, Feb 19 3:42 PM Whitewolf review of Everyday rock by sparky
Every time I hear those bongo's, I keep thinking I'm about to hear Mick Jagger s...
Fri, Feb 19 3:37 PM Whitewolf review of The Key by Milky_Blue
Very cool, a nice pop/rock ballad to a wonderful acapella. A little clipping on...
Thu, Feb 18 5:21 PM Whitewolf review of THINK I LOVE YOU! by ScOmBer
Almost a Van Halen sound, excellent mix!!!
Thu, Feb 18 5:20 PM Whitewolf review of Home (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
Does what it says on the tin, tasty and filling food for the mind!
Thu, Feb 18 5:16 PM Whitewolf review of One Love Everlasting by Stefan Kartenberg