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Whitewolf (Whitewolf225):

Reviews left by Whitewolf

Thu, May 23 2:00 PM Whitewolf review of Are You Scared Yet? by Admiral Bob
Wonderful tune! This accapella was a real joy to make music to, thank you so ...
Thu, May 23 1:58 PM Whitewolf review of Not You Again (vocal) by Scomber
Thank you for sharing this wonderful pella! I hope I did you proud!
Sun, Feb 23 1:46 PM Whitewolf review of Getting Closer NOW by CSoul
I'm honoured you liked my tune enough to remix it. I would never have thought to...
Fri, Feb 7 2:48 PM Whitewolf review of Sooner Or Later (Acappella) by Trifonic
Oh wow, I really loved working with these vocals, what an amazing sound!!!
Wed, Oct 30 8:52 PM Whitewolf review of DJ Death - Vocal + Whistle, Ukulele, Bass by Kara Square
I loved working with your acapella, it was fantastic!
Fri, Oct 25 9:06 PM Whitewolf review of Love Liberation (inc stems) by stellarartwars
Oh wow! This is so cool. It kind of reminds me of a cross between The Beatles an...
Fri, Sep 13 11:38 AM Whitewolf review of This Is The Age Of Cocaine by stellarartwars
This is a pretty wild ride, from start to finish, the roller coaster left me flu...
Tue, Aug 13 7:27 PM Whitewolf review of Borderline (vocals) by brad sucks
This may have been around since 2005, but I just discovered it in 2013, and I ju...
Tue, Aug 13 6:57 PM Whitewolf review of Off The Hook by Alex
This rocks!
Fri, Aug 9 1:56 PM Whitewolf review of Like That by Alex
Mon, Aug 5 9:28 AM Whitewolf review of stranded on an island by urmymuse
This is really really good. I love it!
Mon, Jul 15 8:52 AM Whitewolf review of Lick my wounds-Piano by Jeris
Beautiful .... simply beautiful.
Thu, Jul 4 12:03 AM Whitewolf review of No time like the Present by FORENSIC
Awesome tune, sorry I couldn't make it a HipHop one, but I have to go with what ...
Fri, Jun 28 5:26 AM Whitewolf review of Is it really like that?? by Scomber
I went with a House/Metal mix, so really your version is not too much of a stret...
Wed, Apr 15 1:32 PM Whitewolf review of Dont get it Twisted by FORENSIC
This was awesome, I hope you enjoy my take on this great acapella. I quite enjoy...