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Reviews left by Vidian

Sun, Jun 29 3:46 AM Vidian review of What This Feels Like (pell) by snowflake
CCMixter won't let me recommend more than once >:P
Thu, Jun 26 12:30 PM Vidian review of Sailboat Orginal Edit by One Project
Mon, Jun 23 1:29 PM Vidian review of One Little Whore Two Skygrey Eyes Three Empty Amphorae Four Sharp Nails by annabloom
this is... kind of fascinating to listen to if not completely disturbed :P
Sun, Mar 23 4:02 PM Vidian review of Mad , Dirty & Naked by CSoul
Oh WoW! :D each time I listen I hear the different, clever ways you've meshed my...
Sat, Mar 22 10:55 PM Vidian review of With the light, New dimension by reusenoise
Cool musical fusion ^ ^
Sat, Mar 8 7:36 PM Vidian review of Blue Island Love by Mirek Kuzniar
I really like the intensity of the music. I'm not sure if it works with the pitc...
Mon, Jan 27 7:55 PM Vidian review of Living Without You by Doxent Zsigmond
Thu, Jan 23 12:51 PM Vidian review of Girls like you by Stefan Kartenberg
LOL The detail in this is crazy, great music
Thu, Jan 23 12:50 PM Vidian review of Gone by tomorrow by Stefan Kartenberg
I really like this. It's like Rock trance :P
Tue, Jan 21 6:25 PM Vidian review of Infidelity by Suzi Q. Smith
I cried :P
Sun, Jan 19 12:34 PM Vidian review of The Robber Rosegroom (Prose) by COFFEE EUROPE
chilling ^ ^ It's a beautiful poem
Sun, Jan 12 1:48 PM Vidian review of Hold my Heart Guitar by HEJ31
angelic sounds ^ ^
Sun, Dec 29 11:18 AM Vidian review of A Scene Before Fire (wlwn) by Orrisroot
everything you upload is beautiful chilling and creative
Sun, Oct 27 8:53 AM Vidian review of Faithless by Doxent Zsigmond
Are you kidding me right now!? This is so cool. I don't even know if I'm cool en...
Sun, Oct 27 8:48 AM Vidian review of Lies (Keytronic, Quarkstar Remix) by Quarkstar
This is charming. You guys were lucky to get each other, such great songs. ...
Sun, Oct 27 8:43 AM Vidian review of Orient Express (featuring Quarkstar Loops) by keytronic
I'm so out of the loop. When did all these cool musicians join ccm? Great ri...
Sun, Oct 27 8:40 AM Vidian review of Death Row by TheDICE
After listening to the first few seconds, I knew I'd have to recommend it. S...
Sun, Oct 27 8:36 AM Vidian review of Exposkeletal Alien Autopsy Suite by DFF_Sound_System
Cool Trippy The contrast between reusenoise's mellow and full sound, and Kara'...
Sun, Oct 27 8:32 AM Vidian review of Longing by Gurdonark
very cool. I feel like I'm flying my old trade route back in M60-UCD1. The pa...
Sun, Oct 27 8:21 AM Vidian review of square3 by airtone
Ahh Yeah, So light and breezy. Thanks cc's random mixter pairing program
Sat, Sep 21 2:38 PM Vidian review of Morning Star by Orrisroot
I really like this. The lows, and the sweet highs. Your voice is beautiful and...
Thu, Sep 19 11:58 PM Vidian review of Urgency by SackJo22
Cool. Actually, Hot. yeah.. sweltering hot ambient soundscape That's this.
Sun, Aug 4 9:59 PM Vidian review of Blue Island Love by Orrisroot
You shine here
Sun, Jul 21 6:12 AM Vidian review of V for Venvidian by My Free Mickey
Wow. You made me sound so cool :D Haha It's great how unique and original it s...
Sun, Jun 23 3:06 PM Vidian review of Perpetual Motion by destinazione_altrove
Very cool. Really engaging sound! Nice work
Thu, May 30 8:08 PM Vidian review of As If I didn't by School_Girl_Report
Extreme childhood o.o Acappella?
Mon, May 27 9:43 PM Vidian review of The Same Light Shines by SackJo22
Wow, I'm so at peace listening to this song. The mellow flow of the song is so c...
Fri, May 24 8:19 PM Vidian review of I by IDzeroNo
Fri, May 24 2:44 PM Vidian review of I SEE WHAT I SEE by BOCREW LAB
You ARE music
Fri, May 24 12:12 AM Vidian review of Delay Loops 3 by jaspertine
this is so sweet