SELECT ups.upload_name, topic_id,
               reviewee.user_real_name as reviewee_user_real_name, 
               reviewer.user_real_name as reviewer_user_real_name,
               CONCAT( '', reviewee.user_name, '/', upload_id, '#', topic_id ) as topic_url,
               CONCAT( '',  reviewee.user_name, '/', upload_id ) as file_page_url,
               CONCAT( '',  reviewee.user_name ) as artist_page_url,
               CONCAT( '',  reviewer.user_name ) as reviewer_page_url,
               topic_text as format_text_topic_text, topic_left,
               DATE_FORMAT( topic_date, '%a, %b %e %l:%i %p' ) as topic_date_format
        FROM cc_tbl_topics
        JOIN cc_tbl_uploads ups      ON topic_upload = ups.upload_id
        JOIN cc_tbl_user    reviewee ON ups.upload_user = reviewee.user_id
        JOIN cc_tbl_user    reviewer ON topic_user = reviewer.user_id
        WHERE (reviewer.user_name='Vidian') AND (topic_type = 'review')
        ORDER BY topic_date DESC
        LIMIT 15 OFFSET 15

Got error 28 from storage engineERROR(1024) "/var/www/ccmixter/cchost_lib/cc-database.php"(151): Internal error, contact the admin [2017-01-21 22:03 pm][][/people/Vidian/reviews?offset=15]

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The admins have been notified of the problem and will look into it very shortly.