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Reviews left by Vidian

Sun, May 8 1:28 AM Vidian review of Heartbeat by Snowflake
Very cool chill remix. your etheric voice really brings out scomber's introspect...
Sun, Apr 24 12:31 PM Vidian review of It's Only Me by Donnie Ozone
Very cool rap, I thought you said "i make my own tracks put Prince in the sand" ...
Fri, Apr 15 11:55 PM Vidian review of Be What You Are by unreal_dm
Good advice has never been so easy to swallow. Very smoove
Sun, Mar 13 2:27 PM Vidian review of Funk You (Vocals) by SmoJos
Really great vocals, your voice has a lot of character :D
Thu, Feb 25 1:36 PM Vidian review of Death of Sydney by Haptic
Wed, Feb 24 11:45 PM Vidian review of Scared Of My Own Blood by Aussens@iter
Oh.. Oh my. Well deserved Ed pick. Great sound dood!!
Tue, Dec 22 3:05 AM Vidian review of Spitfire by reiswerk
I don't really like rock music... and after pressing play, I realized discrimin...
Fri, Nov 27 1:40 PM Vidian review of ELEMENTALITY Feat. Plegio by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
I am in love with this. Its brilliant
Sun, Nov 15 1:54 PM Vidian review of Get Up! by Kara Square
UHM, YOU TWO ROCK. Very nice mix Kara
Sun, Nov 15 1:48 PM Vidian review of Welcome To Quarkstar by Loveshadow
this is epic and engaging. your secret mixter is an experience not just a song ...
Sun, Nov 15 1:43 PM Vidian review of Saint Martins Lane by ScOmBer
Cool dark treatment to Anchor's vocals. I picture this in some modernization of ...
Sun, Nov 15 1:39 PM Vidian review of release.JOY.release by SackJo22
This is a very cool electro groove. Nice mix :D
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