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Jeris (VJ_Memes):

Reviews left by Jeris

Mon, Dec 7 7:35 PM Jeris review of Hot Yoga by panu
You know I'm all about that hot yoga : )
Wed, Nov 25 4:58 AM Jeris review of Most Of The World by Speck
Cool, it's like I got an unexpected secret secret mixter present :)
Tue, Nov 17 7:51 PM Jeris review of release.JOY.release by SackJo22
Nice jam. I dig that interlude. I need a Haskel in my studio too. How does that ...
Mon, Nov 16 4:10 AM Jeris review of Fever by Snowflake
Very nice, clean and detailed stereo field. Great job!
Mon, Nov 16 4:07 AM Jeris review of Get Up! by Kara Square
oooh...nice jam!
Sun, Nov 15 4:33 PM Jeris review of And I wish by Loveshadow
Great track man...magical!
Sun, Nov 15 2:20 AM Jeris review of Murder by texasradiofish's amazing that your creativity can match your production skills. The wa...
Sun, Oct 11 4:13 PM Jeris review of Change by SackJo22
Nice, moody piece. Lovely, lovely warm tone...sounds like vinyl. Oh, and I love ...
Sun, Sep 6 2:10 PM Jeris review of Chlorophyll by Dan_Mantau
This is wonderfully imaginative...I love how it just keeps unfolding and blossom...
Fri, Aug 7 5:55 PM Jeris review of Beautiful Mystery by copperhead
Very cool man, so many things that shouldn't be together.. and yet it works : )
Sat, Jul 25 11:46 PM Jeris review of More, more, more,...feat. i_rebel by reiswerk
This is great man!
Thu, Jul 2 2:12 PM Jeris review of What I see by Robbero
That is great man!
Fri, Jun 26 10:33 AM Jeris review of Guitar Fills by panu
Fri, Jun 26 10:30 AM Jeris review of Music And Technology Too by Speck
You really need to be writing scores for Gaspar Noe :)
Fri, Jun 26 10:24 AM Jeris review of Faithless by trustno1
Excellent!! Really great build!