Reviews left by TheDICE

Thu, Dec 1 5:14 PM TheDICE review of I See You by copperhead
another flawless victory was a pleasure listen to this
Thu, Dec 1 5:07 PM TheDICE review of Who Am I by copperhead
that sounds wonderful. congratulations, you're very good at producing! And your ...
Thu, Dec 1 4:23 PM TheDICE review of DReam by Snowflake
Your voice is something beautiful, but also your creativity is not joking. You r...
Thu, Dec 1 9:26 AM TheDICE review of Black Shadow by Wired Ant
Really a pleasant listen This could be perfect for an opening of a Tv Serie, We...
Wed, Nov 30 8:17 AM TheDICE review of Inside Outside by Admiral Bob
soft and clean
Tue, Nov 29 1:55 PM TheDICE review of Plastic Surgery by copperhead
sounds perfect very good arrangement... I really liked the drums (the guita...
Mon, Nov 28 4:52 PM TheDICE review of things have a way by septahelix
thanks for adding me in this project. I liked it. To my ears it seemed "stra...
Sun, Nov 27 3:43 PM TheDICE review of Subway All by CSoul
wow, beautiful track
Sun, Nov 27 3:37 PM TheDICE review of Brotherhood of Sounds by CSoul
i like it, good sounds
Thu, Nov 24 10:04 AM TheDICE review of There's A Better WAY ! by Loveshadow
Nice mix! In peace is a wonderful song... even in a techno remix sounds good!
Wed, Nov 23 6:40 PM TheDICE review of Liberty Road by Loveshadow
this song is wonderful! and very well performed! edit: I can't recognize s...
Mon, Nov 21 3:39 PM TheDICE review of Sad Clowns by Dysfunction_AL
very emotional, fantastic! a great composition
Sat, Nov 19 10:24 AM TheDICE review of Libre Como El Ave (I started to fly) by Wired Ant
i started nodding after 3 seconds, as under hypnosis... congratulations, really ...
Sat, Nov 19 10:09 AM TheDICE review of Just Dreams by Kara Square
I understand what you mean in the song. Wonderful the way you describe everythin...
Wed, Nov 16 3:45 PM TheDICE review of Spinning by Kara Square
I enjoyed it very much, thank you! Beautiful lyrics and voice!