Reviews left by Songboy3

Mon, Mar 22 8:06 AM Songboy3 review of Elevator by Ms.Vybe
LOL! That was very funny & very dope! TIGHT!!!
Sat, Mar 20 7:55 PM Songboy3 review of M.A.Y.B.E. by Budapest BluesBoy
I love how this is very open and airy yet still sustains a solid groove! Magnif...
Fri, Mar 19 1:42 PM Songboy3 review of Don't Come Round Here Anymore! by mykleanthony
Oooh...this is tasty Myke! Very, VERY Nice! I don't know what you're apologizi...
Wed, Mar 10 5:50 AM Songboy3 review of If I (beat rebel remix) by Kojo_Akusa
YES! This is definitely my favorite out of all of your work! Damn good job, si...
Tue, Mar 2 7:36 AM Songboy3 review of Where Do We Go ? (The M.I.B Mix ) by Loveshadow
Yyyyyeeeesssssssssssss... Just masterful...Thank you for the heads up.
Mon, Mar 1 5:47 PM Songboy3 review of SP*NK by Loveshadow
Madness, I say!!!
Fri, Jan 15 1:24 PM Songboy3 review of Future Shock- Technical Mix by techsoul
Sweet! I live the thud and sway of this! Great job, TS!
Fri, Jan 15 1:16 PM Songboy3 review of Behave by AT
Damn. How did I miss THIS?!?! Shame on me. I'm loving this...Great work!
Fri, Jan 15 1:14 PM Songboy3 review of Behave by logos
Obviously, I'm not as familiar with your stuff as i should be because this is ex...
Tue, Jan 12 1:15 PM Songboy3 review of Impromptu in A by DoKashiteru
F*cking PHENOMINAL! It's got this Herbie Hancock 'Head-Hunters' phase melded wi...
Tue, Jan 12 5:25 AM Songboy3 review of SUCKAZ by Loveshadow
Jeff. Seriously. Is there no style you haven't mastered? Or if you haven't 'm...
Mon, Jan 11 6:43 AM Songboy3 review of Hip-Hop Renaissance Man by John Pazdan
Amazing piece. Be proud, Sirs, 'cuz THIS is great stuff!
Mon, Jan 11 6:41 AM Songboy3 review of The Hip-Hop Renaissance Man by KCentric
Excelsior, K! I've missed so much good stuff up here. *sigh*
Mon, Jan 11 6:38 AM Songboy3 review of Guilty by Association (Existential Noir Mix) by John Pazdan
Mon, Jan 11 6:36 AM Songboy3 review of Guilty By Association (Spoken Word) by KCentric
Short and poignant. *sigh* You are THAT dude, K-Cen!