Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by Levihica

Mon, Nov 3 12:39 PM Levihica review of Today Is A Good Day by CSoul
Love the groove on this one. Very nice. I like.
Mon, Nov 3 10:55 AM Levihica review of Equal Parts by Speck
Dark and moody. Very very nice. Love it.
Mon, Nov 3 10:10 AM Levihica review of dont be afraid extended by Kristian Skybound
Very nice. Like this a lot.
Sat, Nov 1 3:51 PM Levihica review of Out of the Blue by unreal_dm
WOW! Excellent remix. Very good job unreal_dm.
Sat, Nov 1 3:43 PM Levihica review of 27summers by Stefan Kartenberg
I was wondering the same. Blame it on the weekend. This is a wonderful song. Ver...
Fri, Oct 31 3:09 PM Levihica review of Dead Childrens Dance (Lully Lullay) by keytronic
Kara couldn't have said it better. This is truly haunting. Very good job capturi...
Fri, Oct 31 3:04 PM Levihica review of Carta de Don Quichotte a Dulcinea by reiswerk
Wow, this is very good. Beautiful sounding, everything goes together well. Very ...
Fri, Oct 31 10:31 AM Levihica review of The Coverup by Platinum Butterfly
Hi there! Love goa. This mix sounds awesome.
Thu, Oct 30 10:03 AM Levihica review of Song for Better Times by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very nice Martijn. So peaceful and beautiful.
Thu, Oct 30 9:52 AM Levihica review of Wasserspiele (water garden) by Stefan Kartenberg
You are so creative. This is very nice. Those water samples are just super cool ...
Thu, Oct 30 9:47 AM Levihica review of Don't Be Afraid by Snowflake
Tears came to my eyes listening to this. So moving, full of emotion. What a wond...
Tue, Oct 28 8:34 AM Levihica review of Reasons to be cheerful (Thanks Ian!) by Shelflife
Wow Shelflife, this is super good. Great bass, vocals and music just belong toge...
Mon, Oct 27 7:48 PM Levihica review of Waking_Me_Softly by Stefan Kartenberg
Very cool sounding. I like.
Sun, Oct 26 12:19 PM Levihica review of Danse de Blodeuwed by kinsame
You sure are out of the ordinary or out of this world or both. Love your uniquen...
Sun, Oct 26 12:15 PM Levihica review of Don't you run (feat. oldDog and Calling Sister Midnight) by Jeris
Very nice, love it. Sounds like a live performance.