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Auto Motor Sport (Reha Mix)

uploaded: Sun, Nov 16, 2014 @ 12:38 AM last modified: Sun, Nov 16, 2014 @ 12:39 AM  (add)
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Here is my secret version of Hans’ Auto Motor Sport. Went through nearly all of his thousands of stems to find those I could reuse for this track and recognized that he has some awesome talent….

First I tried to make it jazzy but noticed quickly that this was a mission impossible for me

I hope you like the portion of “Key” influence in it..

Pella = Auto Motor Sport (just did decent eq-ing and added a few centimeters room reverb)
Organ from Brilliant Day (0:16 - 0:18) - snippet taken put into sample synth to play a melody with it and added arp breaks)
Drums from Certain Death (around 2:30)speed adjuste, recutted to bossa, heavily EQed and looped it)
Drums = sample from antarktika (0:59-1:03) speed adjusted, EQed - more often reused
Drums = Get some more - main Drums speed adjusted, cutted, EQed
Perc = Crooked Mile (speed adjusted, EQued and parts of it looped)
Nasty trumpets from Falling two differnent snippets (Speed adjusted, modified harmony, looped)
Bass from Hack the market = cutted, switched, tempo adjusted, partly retuned

Add ons from me (only):
Bossa acoustic guitar
Flute synthesizer

"Auto Motor Sport (Reha Mix)"
by keytronic

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