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Kraftamt (Karstenholymoly):

Reviews left by Kraftamt

Mon, Apr 6 1:29 PM Kraftamt review of SUPERPOWER (feat Siobhan Dakay) by Loveshadow
Fantastic mix with great synthesizer sounds. The piano fits perfectly into this ...
Mon, Apr 6 1:27 PM Kraftamt review of Peace and Agitation by Carosone
Great Synthsounds in a great Mix!!!
Mon, Apr 6 1:25 PM Kraftamt review of Jerus by septahelix
Super sound arrangement. Great production.
Mon, Apr 6 1:22 PM Kraftamt review of Isopropyl Fumes ft. Loveshadow by Apoxode
The song creates a great atmosphere. Wonderfully produced. Good work.
Mon, Apr 6 1:19 PM Kraftamt review of Stayin' at Home (feat. Duckett) by Kara Square
This song makes me smile. Thank you Kara for this song.
Mon, Apr 6 1:14 PM Kraftamt review of Ordinary People ( Ordinary Mix ) Feat Scomber on vocals by J.Lang
A great mix of sounds and vocal create a special atmosphere. Like that!!
Mon, Apr 6 1:10 PM Kraftamt review of So I stay home by Abstract Audio
Sounds very dark. I like the mix of the vocal and the sounds. Good work!!!
Mon, Apr 6 1:05 PM Kraftamt review of The Time Within by Carosone
The mix sounds great. Very interesting arrangement. Good work.
Mon, Apr 6 1:00 PM Kraftamt review of the universe sings ft. jonatha chance by kthugha
Deep!!! Dark!!! Great!!!
Mon, Apr 6 12:59 PM Kraftamt review of Gravity and Grace (with My Free Mickey) by SackJo22
A great mix with fantastic vocals. Very good work.
Mon, Apr 6 12:53 PM Kraftamt review of Just Got You. by Loveshadow
Incredible!!! An absolutely great mix with a fantastic feeling. Thank you very m...
Sat, Apr 4 10:05 PM Kraftamt review of Isolation Arps by Javolenus
Sat, Mar 28 10:57 AM Kraftamt review of In Moving Light by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Great composition. Very well implemented.
Sat, Mar 28 10:48 AM Kraftamt review of Numbers by TheDICE
Wonderful background song. Fits perfectly with the vocals. Good work !!!
Tue, Feb 11 12:20 PM Kraftamt review of Mr Dowland's Midnight by Javolenus
It is absolutely fantastic. Very clear and a melodious guitar.