Snow & Sleet Secret Mixter Upload Day!

Reviews left by HaveMercy

Thu, Nov 29 12:28 AM HaveMercy review of Regenerating Regenerations by Speck
What a lovely atmosphere, really nice blend.
Sun, Nov 18 11:55 PM HaveMercy review of Lucky Massive Dangerous by Speck
Excellent, just excellent. I eny your freedom.
Thu, Nov 8 9:58 AM HaveMercy review of Apoxode Resin( Bringing me Down)xtended by Loveshadow
Great track LS, the blend is exquisit and shows you're the master. Douze points....
Mon, Oct 15 12:34 AM HaveMercy review of Hey, Mr. Sun (Finally Fall Bossa) by Siobhan Dakay
Love the guitar, really sweet work
Fri, Oct 12 2:01 PM HaveMercy review of La chambre aubergine. by Bluemillenium
That was a very pleasant listen, love how you gave the lyrics a big push.
Wed, Oct 10 5:45 AM HaveMercy review of Blender Bender by Speck
Great, Zappa meets Zorn meets Speck
Tue, Feb 3 12:54 AM HaveMercy review of Light Think by Speck
Lovely mix, happy, innocent with a naive touch. What a wide palet you master.
Mon, Jul 14 1:06 PM HaveMercy review of It's An Illusion by Speck
Likes. Demanding yet full of fun.
Mon, Jul 7 12:59 AM HaveMercy review of Beboppin' in and around Gminor by Speck
This sounds like when i first heard you here some years ago: sheer craziness. A...
Thu, Mar 13 2:22 AM HaveMercy review of Your eyes are my eyes by Pegasus
Great work both of you. Thanks for bringing back memories from loooong time ago....
Mon, Sep 24 12:36 AM HaveMercy review of Closer Now (Get Funky Mix) by Snowflake
To my taste this may be one of your best tracks yet. Like some pre-Tafkap Prince...
Mon, Sep 24 12:23 AM HaveMercy review of White In The Moon by Speck
Lovely & haunting at the same time, as an aria from some undeground opera.
Wed, Jun 27 1:38 AM HaveMercy review of Cold Caller (Vo1k1 Poem Mix) by vo1k1
Love it.
Tue, Jun 26 2:49 PM HaveMercy review of A New Now by Super_Sigil
Lovely atmosphere, especially the second half, and very nice vocal treatment.
Wed, Jun 20 12:34 PM HaveMercy review of Lost in my secret world by tethia
Lovely work and storytelling with moments that are out of this world. Your remix...