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Reviews left by HEJ31

Mon, Jul 4 2:13 PM HEJ31 review of Fhantom Surfer (Abstract Audio Mix) by spinningmerkaba
This makes me want to get up and break stuff. It's a surf metal spy movie. Pleas...
Mon, Jul 4 12:17 AM HEJ31 review of Robot Summer by gurdonark
"Recommend" (I share a router).
Mon, Jul 4 12:12 AM HEJ31 review of Heartbit by Jeris
Big, cinematic piece. Ditto on what was said above regarding the excellent execu...
Mon, Jul 4 12:05 AM HEJ31 review of Soft Capitalism by shimoda
LOVE the cut-up editing and so called minimalist drive. Now I need to see if her...
Sun, Jul 3 1:44 PM HEJ31 review of Wet Cone at the Seafront by annabloom
Excellent use of a few recurring motifs to create a propulsive and varied compos...
Sun, Jul 3 1:35 PM HEJ31 review of For Real: Beach Blanket Treatment (ft. Stellarartwars) by SackJo22
Am I thinking of Richard Hawley 'cause Phil Spector is in jail? Love the celeste...
Sun, May 22 2:00 AM HEJ31 review of Swanker Dub by Jeris
Yes! Dig it.
Sun, May 22 1:48 AM HEJ31 review of Out of Body by Jeris
Good job at cutting things up and putting them back together. I take it you've g...
Wed, May 18 10:17 PM HEJ31 review of I Dreamt by Jeris
What happened to the vocals? They sounded good.
Sun, Mar 27 12:29 PM HEJ31 review of The Boy Loves by SackJo22
You made a song out of samples. Laryngytis suits you, 'cause the vocals are very...
Wed, Feb 16 8:34 PM HEJ31 review of Merge by go1dfish
Nice quasi african vibe.
Sun, Jan 30 2:59 PM HEJ31 review of Let It In by spinningmerkaba
Hey, just heard this for the 1st time, a month later. Really good. Especially t...
Mon, Jan 17 9:58 PM HEJ31 review of Inspiration Ignites by SackJo22
I'll say it again, you've gotten quite good at this remixing thing.
Mon, Dec 27 10:34 PM HEJ31 review of The Battle Cry of Changing Horizons by SackJo22
Cool. You've gotten quite good at this. Kudos to the drummer.
Tue, Dec 14 5:17 PM HEJ31 review of Time Has Come by SackJo22
The Carole King association is, I think, a reference to "It's Too Late Baby" if ...