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Fri, Jul 6 9:46 PM HEJ31 review of Scent of You by copperhead
Sounds really great.
Fri, Apr 6 2:18 PM HEJ31 review of Angels Flying (ft Ghost Kollective) by SackJo22
Susan doing prog-rock space fantasy music? OK, it works. Done so artfully well t...
Tue, Feb 28 7:07 PM HEJ31 review of Grow Your Bones by Robert Warrington
This is a cool mix. I'm thinking the word "dred" (in the Jamaican sense), if tha...
Tue, Feb 21 7:23 PM HEJ31 review of Two Guitars by Admiral Bob
First thing, thanks for not leqaving me behind. Second, this backing track kills...
Sun, Feb 19 10:54 PM HEJ31 review of Detachment by Snowflake
This whole thing is great - and your vocals are truly outstanding.
Sun, Feb 19 10:37 PM HEJ31 review of Fell out of the Sky by Jeris
Good work.
Sun, Feb 19 10:30 PM HEJ31 review of What do you do with the Poem by Vidian
Very cool.
Sun, Feb 19 10:15 PM HEJ31 review of Stay in Bed (TheDice Mix) by spinningmerkaba
Very cool. Started out kinda Bachrachian, then changed.
Sun, Feb 19 10:07 PM HEJ31 review of Follow My Footsteps: A Song Collage (ft Spinningmerkaba) by SackJo22
The production is great. Good work with making a cogent lyric out of the differe...
Sun, Feb 19 10:04 PM HEJ31 review of Scars by Kara Square
Really love the two voices and the shifting groove backup. Not sure about the a...
Mon, Jan 30 1:42 PM HEJ31 review of Lonely Man-Instrumental Mix by Jeris
Groovy baby.
Mon, Jan 30 1:42 PM HEJ31 review of Lonely Man by Jeris
Nice setting of the vocals.
Sun, Nov 27 7:19 PM HEJ31 review of Sweet as Can Be by go1dfish
Very cool!
Sun, Nov 27 6:31 PM HEJ31 review of Old Chucks by J.Lang
Yeah, this works. I'm still trying to listen to all the Harvest Moon re-mixes. E...
Mon, Nov 21 11:24 PM HEJ31 review of Retourner en Arrière by Admiral Bob
Nice space between the instruments, and great tone on everything.