Reviews left for Fireproof_Babies

Thu, Nov 21 11:49 PM soundtails review of New Life by Fireproof_Babies
FB sure miss ya we were so busy!
Tue, Oct 4 3:40 AM Hans Atom review of the sweetest kind of rest by Fireproof_Babies
Its always good to hear Joe again. Especially in such a nice 303-stylish remix. ...
Sun, May 8 8:34 PM enrique review of Io II Magma center Jupiter Saga by Fireproof_Babies
Great piece! We needed to create an ambiance of intimidation and the second half...
Mon, Apr 8 11:16 AM freefromlimits review of See you Thursday by Fireproof_Babies
Is this covered by the copyrights "Experience Hendrix L.L.C." have? I don't know...
Sun, Jun 3 9:06 AM CBiX review of Juno by Fireproof_Babies
This song is awesome!! I used the beginning and the first part as a loop as back...
Tue, May 8 1:37 AM sLow_starteR review of Why I persist with no real reason by Fireproof_Babies
this is freakin' excellent
Sun, May 6 12:19 AM sLow_starteR review of Joe and Mary's Adventures in Space Pt 2 by Fireproof_Babies
this is great
Tue, Oct 11 7:39 AM TheDICE review of Expiration Date by Fireproof_Babies
i like this song bravo ...and i agree with mindmapthat
Tue, Sep 13 2:59 PM Loveshadow review of Should I tell you? by Fireproof_Babies
This is a tragically late comment because I never knew this was here. And now yo...
Tue, Sep 13 10:32 AM MC Jack in the Box review of For Troubled Times by Fireproof_Babies
Reading this is sad. While we all face adversity in life, knowing you have frien...
Mon, Sep 12 9:41 PM Vidian review of Juno by Fireproof_Babies
rip dude, This song rocks :D
Mon, Sep 12 8:31 PM Snowflake review of As my power leaves me by Fireproof_Babies
Joe, i just learned you have passed away. i write to you here because i don't kn...
Sat, Aug 6 2:42 AM urmymuse review of Juno by Fireproof_Babies
great send off for the Juno probe
Wed, Aug 3 3:46 AM CSoul review of Juno by Fireproof_Babies
nice additions , cool remix , peace
Wed, Aug 3 12:26 AM Alex review of Juno by Fireproof_Babies
Love the additions, Joe! Especially guitars And I'm always glad to be remixed ...