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Reviews left by Apoxode

Sun, Mar 8 12:54 PM Apoxode review of Bathroom Surfers by Stefan Kartenberg
Hoo-wee! This is awesome, love that slide guitar :) Vivacious energy all through...
Sun, Mar 8 12:44 PM Apoxode review of Emergency Prayers by Speck
Awe-some! Great energy, and a cool set of sounds that go together nicely.
Sun, Mar 8 12:37 PM Apoxode review of Special Frogs by septahelix
Awesome, what a trip! Love that wet bass, especially how it ping-pongs.
Sun, Mar 8 12:27 PM Apoxode review of lohop blues by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Nice, this is super cool, I love what you did with the stems! The crowd sounds ...
Sun, Mar 8 12:22 PM Apoxode review of Archy Tops by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
I agree with Javolenus, the flute sounds so nice with the bass! Would you be wi...
Thu, Mar 5 1:35 PM Apoxode review of Funky Cravings by Javolenus
Sweet! Great jam all around :)
Thu, Mar 5 1:32 PM Apoxode review of The Good Of The Earth And Sun by Speck
Very cool, I like what you did with all the stems! The vibe works well with the...
Tue, Mar 3 1:18 PM Apoxode review of Coru's Kaossilator Construction Kits Vol 002 by coruscate
Wow, this is amazing, perfect for videos and games! I'm having fun just listenin...
Sun, Mar 1 10:46 AM Apoxode review of always walking by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Mysterious and intriguing, it's a prelude to a documentary about a fascinating p...
Sun, Mar 1 10:38 AM Apoxode review of Boogie Train by Stefan Kartenberg
This is so much fun! Anyway to recommend this twice? :)
Sun, Mar 1 10:35 AM Apoxode review of On Babylon by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow, what a scorcher! This is some fierce mosh pit energy, love it! And that org...
Sun, Mar 1 10:18 AM Apoxode review of Akura Uprock by reiswerk
Definitely needs to be marked NSFW
Sun, Mar 1 10:13 AM Apoxode review of Sweet Nineteen by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
This is amazing! Your bass and Javolenus' guitar dance together nicely :) The ch...
Sun, Mar 1 10:06 AM Apoxode review of Song Of The Phoenix (Tectonic Mix) by coruscate
Cool, well mixed house track, SackJo22 sounds great :) Well done, coruscate, th...
Sun, Mar 1 10:01 AM Apoxode review of Enough by Speck
Awesome protest remix with a power group feel, like an outdoor festival performa...