Reviews left by 7OOP3D

Sun, Sep 11 12:08 PM 7OOP3D review of All Human Nuddlle But NoSushi by zikweb
Yes! Great tune! The Teardrop reminiscence is delicious and fits so well. Cha...
Sun, Sep 11 11:36 AM 7OOP3D review of Flying through Palo Duro Canyon in My Sleep by gurdonark
This is an intense ride. Nice dark mashup. You also included that noisy thing we...
Sun, Jun 5 8:58 PM 7OOP3D review of Pollinators by Snowflake
Brilliant minimalism. Captivating vocals. Awesome! Chapeau!
Sun, Jun 5 6:59 AM 7OOP3D review of The Twenty Pence Opera by Radioontheshelf
Awesome! Completely speechless. What a beautiful piece of music and story. Plea...
Sun, Jun 5 6:54 AM 7OOP3D review of Toi encore (encore) by sparky
Woah, pal, that bass is dope! Low Strings working perfectly here. Nice movements...
Sun, Jun 5 6:45 AM 7OOP3D review of Constance by zikweb
Well chosen instrumentation with a sick groove. This tune is superb! You build a...
Sun, Jun 5 6:39 AM 7OOP3D review of I'm free (Rewob remix) by Milky Blue
Smooth 80s cheesiness deluxe! Great tune. Chapeau!
Fri, Apr 1 7:47 PM 7OOP3D review of Give it Up (Greg Krezos ft. Snowflake) by GregKrezos
Yeah. That one rocks. Luvin it. Hope to hear more from you here on ccMixter. Lik...
Fri, Mar 4 10:34 PM 7OOP3D review of N O B O D Y K N O W S (airtone x so sha medley) by @CrazyLittleAsian
Great tune! Chapeau. Stems would be great... ;-)
Fri, Mar 4 10:29 PM 7OOP3D review of Genesis by spinningmerkaba
Smooth and inspiring. Chapeau! Is there a chance to get the stems?
Fri, Mar 4 10:28 PM 7OOP3D review of Listen by Mana Junkie
A classy Mana Junkie. Head is nodding! Chapeau.
Fri, Mar 4 10:26 PM 7OOP3D review of Imagining Imaginal by SackJo22
Shiver! Simply love it. Chapeau.