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Editors' Picks

Oh, Love
by texasradiofish

BAM! TRF combines a classic vocal with ... (more)

Come Inside (2)
by Snowflake

A magical Europop journey indoors from t... (more)

Kalte Ohren ( Remix )
by Dysfunction_AL

Dysfunction_AL floats Kara Square's invi... (more)

I'll Never Grow Old (1)
by Tarida Gaol

Highly danceable house track. Leading wi... (more)

Soul Searching (1)
by Radioontheshelf

Folk ballad in the vein of Johnny Cash. ... (more)

Kiss (1)
by Dagon

Dynamic synthpop with a rock attitude! L... (more)

Black Butterflies Bleeding
by Dan_Mantau

Dan Mantau's musical collaboration with ... (more)

Pay It Forward [Pitch Shift ReMix] (1)
by Jihfa

Positive hip-hop for the soul! With an u... (more)

I've tried to warn you (1)
by dashdotdotdash

Epic electronic music with an experiment... (more)

Stayin' Dynamite
by Admiral Bob

Happy, hooky, sizzling and groovy! Admir... (more)

Don't Start Beggin'
by phildann

Phildann's radio ready lyrics smoothly r... (more)

See the wilderness in his eyes
by Kristian Skybound

What a magical piece of music Kristian S... (more)

Love Cast A Spell (Key of Love Mix) (2)
by Siobhan Dakay

Siobhan Dakay used some unmixed samples ... (more)

I Can't Remember (Folk Mix) (1)
by Speck

Heartfelt folk ballad with a touch of ps... (more)

Pay It Forward-The Love
by texasradiofish

TRF brings the love with J.Lang in a mix... (more)

Will we ever blindly love (1)
by Kristian Skybound

Kristian Skybound and Kara Square team u... (more)

Bucket List
by Mana Junkie

What's on your bucket list? Mana Junkie'... (more)

Room 14
by Stefan Kartenberg

Clever rock-pop featuring hooky piano an... (more)

by Admiral Bob

Admiral Bob's remix of Mr. Yesterday's ... (more)

by panu

"Famous last words" is a teriffic remix ... (more)

Are you scared yet? (1)
by Sascha Ende

Sascha Ende created a ballad with much h... (more)

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