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Non Mi Ricordo

uploaded: Sat, Dec 26, 2009 @ 3:54 PM
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I once spent a summer studying the Italian language. I had a romance with an Italian medical student from southern Italy. He took me to his small village in the hills of Calabria where I stayed for several days. No one there spoke English. He played Simon & Garfunkle incessantly. We drank thick, dry table wine that was a smooth as glass. During that period, I dreamed in Italian. Since then, I have forgotten much.

Many thanks to _ghost for sharing such heartbreakingly beautiful music with us.

Separately uploaded is the pell and spoken word. And the lyrics (in Italian and English):

Mi dispiace
non mi ricordo del tu amore
non so tuo cuore.
Mi sono dimenticato.
Se mi ricordassi, di che cosa vedrebbe.
La bellezza di un sogno
Il senso calmo
Ma quello e tutto i perso a me.

I am sorry.
I don’t remember your love.
I don’t know your heart.
They are forgotten to me.
If I remembered, what would I see?
The beauty of a dream
The sense of calm
But that is all lost to me.

(and seeing as I have forgotten much, I must admit I did rely a bit on an on-line translator to assis with some of the verb tenses. Mi dispiace.)

"Non Mi Ricordo"
by SackJo22

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