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Not Like That ( The Hearts Regret )

uploaded: Sun, Dec 2, 2007 @ 4:01 PM
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When i first came to this site i was blown away by Franks voice as i know many of the mixers here have been.

Having been in a few mixing competitions i was happy just to do a few tunes and get on with it. How ever when i heard Frank i thought he deserved some wider exposure and suggested to him to put us into the competion over at MI7.

My work load got a bit hetic and i never got to finish this final accapella. That is till now.

So with along Lasswell , who pretty much contributes in one way or another to most things i do we have collected the five mixes we have done under the name of Coast To Coast ( seemed to work for me )on MI7 and put 3 of them forward for the competition.

I know what i would like for Frank and Cameron but we will have to see. If you want to support us
go vote.
If not for me then for Frank or Cameron.

With regard to this tune,well it was a challenge stepping up to the mike with the vocal power of Songboy in the cans.

Every time i did a bad take he was there saying `Not Like That’ but i think it turned out pretty OK.

See what you think.

"Not Like That ( The Hearts Regret )"
by Loveshadow

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