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Blind Date (Final Mix)

uploaded: Sat, Feb 23, 2008 @ 9:34 PM
Project:The CCMixter Collective
Credit: DJ Rkod Taskmaster, Producer
narva9 Lyricist, Vocals
duckett Bass
Subliminal Additional production
Fireproof_Babies Guitar
Anchor Lyricist, Vocals, Cello, Whistling
Kaer Trouz Lyricist, Vocals
shimoda More Bass, Piano
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Final mix of the Little Song That Could. Originally just a little intro by Subliminal, then a more full track by Fireproof Babies, now a full eight-minute epic produced by yours truly and with vocals and lyrics by Kaer Trouz.

Thanks to everybody who made this possible. Now I only have to get 27 minutes of more stuff.

This is the part of the finished result of a globe-spanning collaboration. You can read about the idea behind all of this here.

If you want, you can get the separated audio elements of this song here. (Note: this doesn’t include the vocals, which I’ll try to upload soon.) You can also listen to the original demo instrumental mix here.

Lyrics: (by Kaer Trouz)

It’s just your face
that’s really killing me
I’m trapped behind the dust motes
a veil
obscuring the TV

I want to let you know that
I really really want you
but the air stands thick between us
between us two

Baby let me through
I’m slinking my way to you
inch by inch I’m
shining like the sun
blinding everyone
I want to be thick as thieves
like the smoky air that
fills this rooms
I’m making my way back to you

So here I am
I’m as close as I can be
but your eyes are darting back and forth
with the flickering of the TV
And our blighted hearts are singing
and crying to get through
but we just sit here silently
the falling dusk
the light’s so very blue

"Blind Date (Final Mix)"
by DJ Rkod

2008 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Noncommercial Sampling Plus

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