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Tribute to Tobias Weber

Heartfelt ballad for the soul. Hear Snowflake’s inspiring song of hope with a backing track by the beloved Tobias Weber (Aussens@iter). Mixed together by Stefan Kartenberg, let this soothe your heart in our time of mourning.

Don't Wanna Say Goodbye

by: Rewob
This sultry groove matches well with a Stellar pell by Snowflake. Smooth the whole way through. Adding to my best of 2023 playlist for sure!

A Heart With Your Name On It

Romantic rock ballad. echo_orbit provides the incredibly well produced backing track for Kara Square’s tender and poignant vocals about the nature of love. Let your heart melt to this romantic remix.🧡🧡🧡

My Time (nonrefundant mix)

by: Speck
Synth-Rock Blues with a swing. Feel the uplifting vibes as Speck masterfully braids the backing track for Wiseman’s “My Time,” using elements of the original as well as from Ben Blohowiak. Let this be your anthem today!

On The Edge

Upbeat sampladelic hip-hop. Creating a steady backing track for SackJo22’s “Not Yet Crossing,” Wiseman builds a wonderfully catchy hook with guitars from Javolenus and Ezra Skull, a vocal cut from Concept of Energy, and a finishing dash of Kara Square.


by: sparky
Sparky’s remix of a soaring vocal shared by Concept of Energy is a spacious funky groove with a live giving pulse.

The Earth Is My Church

Classic rock at its best. Unreal_dm’s remix of Periel Marr Stanfield’s soulful vocals light a passionate fire for all who love the Earth. Take a listen and catch the groove!
Kara Square

Her Escape

Impeccably produced, Snowflake’s masterful arrangement of a multitude of mixters featuring Airtone, and including Robbero, Javolenus, Admiral Bob and MWIC is a tender and powerfully dynamic ballad full of sonic details and gorgeous vocals. Bravo!


Do you miss the good old funky days?
Zenboy1955 burns them back.
With the voice of Ruben Hall provided by The Concept Of Energy, “Truth” is a fabulous funk experience.
Stefan Kartenberg
Play Truth

The Aberration Of Starlight

Radioontheshelf places Robert Warrington’s tender spoken word into a lovely arrangement of gentle movement, soft layers, and soothing rhythm.

Famous Last Words (2023)

Siobahn Dakay’s tasteful jazzy arrangement of Calling Sister Midnight’s rich voice invites you to find a comfortable spot to take a moment, to listen and to feel.

The Great Escape

Instrumental funk for the soul. Darkroom brings the crate digging old school vibe to a peak with cuts from Jeris and the Paloseco Brazz Orchestra. You can’t help but strut to this remix.
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