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Heading out with MJ

uploaded: Sun, Apr 28, 2024 @ 12:32 AM last modified: Sun, Apr 28, 2024 @ 12:45 AM  (add)
FeaturingMana Junkie
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What a blast getting Tim for my secret mixter and wading through his massive catalog of electronica.

Without many straight out stems to choose from but masses of mixedup goodness I had to slice and dice and mix it back up to an 80’s/90’s synth salad. Squeezed on plenty of mayo.

So here’s my Branching out SM, thanks MJ, me reminiscing when I was younger and could go to a 80’s / 90’s rave without falling asleep after midnight. Cant remember much about those nights, apart from that my ears are still ringing.

Vox wet and dry with parts uploaded

“Heading out with MJ”

Can you feel earth beneath me
spin me round and round
hell and heaven earth bequeath me
tie me to the ground
Call me accidental hero
listen for this sound
find me dancing like some new age Nero
get your friends around

Im heading out
Ive got some mana junkie
Im branching out
Im laying out that funky
and stepping out
watch me squeezing that monkey

Send regards to all who’s merry
caviar cigars
- give them -
gucci hoochi federucci
golden top guitars
Skin their armadillo trousers
hide behind them bars
dont hang home alone tom dick and harry’s
charge electric cars

They’re heading out
they got some mana junkie
and branching out
They’ve been laying out their funky
they’re stepping out
watch them squeezing out that monkey (out)

I’ll meet you in the bathroom real soon
got me in a red mood
whistling up a big tune
that you’ll be humming real soon
Downtown, tiles wet
caught up in some fishnet -
with passion that I can’t let
escape this moment lets get -
downtown, back down -
trying not to make sound
with people coming in and out
- hold my hand against your mouth
we sweat like animals
with hunger like some Cannibals
with purpose like those Hannibal’s
while lovers dance that in out

They’re heading out
They’re heading out
I got my mana junkie
and branching out
I’ve been laying out my funky
and stepping out
watch me squeezing out that monkey (out!)

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"Heading out with MJ"
by ScOmBer

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Groove to a funk salad with extra mayo in Heading Out with MJ — Scomber rocks the mic and the DAW compiling a plethora of electric stems from Mana Junkie that will spin you round and round all over town.