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let it burn

A soft rock ballad of the highest quality. Kara Square’s warm and expressive voice comes into its own here.
Well done, Kristian.
Stefan Kartenberg

This Christmas Eve

A new Christmas hit! “This Christmas Eve” is a sparkling Christmas carol that is sure to get you into the seasonal spirit. Snowflake features magical samples from airtone and mwic in her heartwarming, nostalgic mix. Push play, sing-along and add this to your holiday playlist.
Kara Square

The Solstice is an Edge

Ambient trip-hop with a meditative vibe. SackJo22 guides us on a meditative journey into the meaning of the Solstice itself. Combining the brainwave science of Kara Square, the raw synth bells of Speck, and the free-form atmospheric guitar of Ezra Skull, SackJo22 achieves Zen with this richly textured blend of sound.


Robbero teams up with Kara Square and unreal_dm to deliver a smoking hot, toe tapping jazz blues song that reminds us of an ecological tragedy underway. Pollinators are under threat and in decline.

❄️ Snow Dream

With the juxtaposition of an up-tempo, tense beat and Snowflake’s chill spoken word, this mix by -=₪۩MU۞SE۩₪=- is one creative, trance inducing ride. As it pushes forward, get ready for sonic twists and turns… just like a dream.
Kara Square


With a steady beat and a catchy melody, Rataxes deep house remix of Snowflake is a fully engaging extended track. There is never a dull moment in this chill, yet energizing EDM.
Kara Square

Where's Jack

Take a nostalgic trip to the 70s with Radioontheshelf. This laidback folk rock features MC Jack in the Box’s acoustic guitar with a classic arrangement of piano, bass and drums. Radioontheshelf’s songwriting and vocal delivery are highly enjoyable.
Kara Square

All along

Step into the 80s with Hans Atom’s operatic synth pop remix of MissJudged and Fireproof Babies. Turn it up and do the robot!
Kara Square

A Motherless Child

Zenboy1955’s superlative and modern interpretation of the traditional Spiritual “Motherless Child,” featuring Snowflake, 700P3D and Ezra Skull, well expresses the pain and despair of a child who has been torn from its parents.

Hanging Eleven

Surf Punk Rock! echo_orbit and Kara Square deliver a rocking good time surf punk groove with an infectious beat. Kara delivers stellar punk surf vocals right from the beach. Viva la playa!

Blow Your Horn

Chill out to this smooth trip hop jazz. Darkroom remixes Bernard L’ermite to bring us a mellow piano-driven instrumental with lofi vibes that just might inspire you to kick back and relax.
Kara Square

The creatures of the canal

Tense and suspenseful, this electronic instrumental is ready to make your film, video or game extra nightmarish. The contrasting old timey music box takes the creepiness to the next level.
Kara Square
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