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Editors' Picks

Letting Go

by: Vidian
With ambient game music sounds, Vidan’s remix of CiggiBurns cool vocals expresses the sadness we all feel sometimes… and at some point, we need to let go.
Kara Square

Is It Too Early To Panic?

Brilliantly cinematic and dramatic. Radioontheshelf’s remix of panu’s epic vocals stirs the soul. This is a song for all who believe that “hate loses and love prevails.”
Kara Square

Life Is But A Dream

by: J.Lang
A great late summer/fall mix that elevates the mood and flows with positive vibes!


Grab your headphones, close your eyes and experience the sound that can only be airtone. Featuring Rewob, “brokencloud” will open places within you that have too long been shattered. Listen fully.

The Rebellion Goes On

Thought-provoking electro spoken word dream. Admiral Bob grabs the mic for his ‘no mixter left behind’ Secret Mixter remix of zikweb’s drum-driven electronic track. The truth can be hard to hear, but it could also inspire the rebellion to finally break through.
Kara Square

Ordinary People

Rock out with Zep Hurme and Scomber! “Ordinary People” is an upbeat, energetic pop rock gem with heart.
Kara Square

Waiting for You

by: Rewob
Rewob adapted Snowflake’s Waiting in the Garden to a chord progression heard while driving back from a gig in 1970s. The result is a gorgeous remix featuring a 1970s period perfect Wurlitzer piano.

You Got Freedom

Exciting electronic track with breakbeats, techno and 8-bit game audio elements. Expertly mixed and fabulously glitched. Apoxode includes airtone, reiswerk and Speck in this super-fun, uptempo remix.
Kara Square

Nadeya (ft. Afroganic)

by: Rewob
High energy EDM with a late 80s/early 90s vibe. Rewob’s remix of Afroganic is a danceable, feel-good track complete with an introspective piano break. Hit play for this irresistible mix!
Kara Square

Inside Outside

Greg Krezos teams up with Snowflake and his friends George K, Nectarios and George V to create an emotionally compelling rock ballad featuring stellar guitar work and a killer vocal outro.

When The Whale Became A Superhero

An exciting cinematic mix with a whale staring as the superhero! Radioontheshelf’s remix of Whale Wizard’s “Full Moon A Cappella” is an enthralling affair. It could be used as an action movie soundtrack.
Kara Square

Ghosts - Interlude

by: 7OOP3D
From Hamburg with love, 700P3D shares smooth, chill, lush electronica featuring Crazy Little Asian and synths driven by singing whale waveforms. Wonderfully soothing!
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