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My very first pick. One of the winners of the recent contest but if you haven’t heard it yet please check it out. A deep mix of mainstream and soundtrack sounds by His Boy Elroy. Kind of like Moby’s - Porcelain but by someone who eats a steak once in a while. ; )

stonehenge outtake

One word…incredible. This should be offered on Wikipedia as a downloadable example for “raw talented musician.”

Jiggy PoP

Cut-up school is now in session, your teacher for the evening will be Pat Chilla.

Pat has uploaded so many professional sounding hip-hop tracks to Mixter that this one tends to get overlooked but it is definitely worth a listen for anybody looking to turn up the bass. Waaaaayyyy up.

The playful opening sets you up for a wide slow groove that invokes, well, very, very bad thoughts. ;)



Head Knodders Alert!!! This track is 100% groove.

Strictly for the lyricist or beat monger, this track has the perfect hip-hop balance of mainstream and underground street credibilty. In short, the track just ROCKS!!! After downloading this one and playing it on my car stereo, I love it even more.

Let the freestyles begin!!
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla

no meaning no remastered (eminent fury rmx)

Non-stop high energy motion that defies you not to move around.

In this remix of Fine Arts Militia and Chuck D. omni/megabuzz takes the original by the stick and puts the pedal to the floor for a wild ride. The FAM/Chuck D samples he used are brilliantly placed over and around a funky beat that fades in and out — the tension is built into every bar of this track.

Get the party started…

One Two Three

by: Sharp
Great downtempo, intelligent warped out techno. It’s the sort of stuff I used to listen to back in college while doing Calculus homework: organized, pleasant, and helps to stimulate the left-brain.
DJ Matt Hite
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